Sports Scholarships awarded to elite athletes

Every year, the University supports students with sporting ability by offering a number of Sports Scholarships for students studying for any degree.

Students also have the chance to win a Maes Glas Bursary, which allows free access to the training rooms in the Maes Glas Sports Centre. The Llew Rees Memorial Prize is also awarded annually to the most successful sportsperson at the University.

Llew Rees Memorial Prize

The highest Sporting Award at Bangor University, the Llew Rees Award, presented to the most outstanding sportsman or woman from among the student body has been awarded once again to Postgraduate Sports Science PhD student Vicky Gottwald.

 National Basketball player, Vicky, of Grove, Oxfordshire has received a cash prize of £750 in order to advance her performance. Vicky said: “I used last year’s money to fund one on one coaching from Tony Roberts who is Holyhead Celts Head Coach and World Island Games Head Coach. Tony is without a doubt one of the best coaches in the UK.

 “This enabled me to get selected for the Welsh Women's National Team with whom I am currently training for the 2012 European Championships.

 “This year’s money will be used to continue coaching from Tony as well as funding travel back and forth from Cardiff for training, without which this would not be possible so I am incredibly grateful.”

"I am honoured to receive the award and it is already serving to push me harder in my training. I still have many goals in basketball that I would like to accomplish and this award will facilitate this process through coaching expertise, court time and equipment.”

Sports Scholarships

 Aisling Campion, 21, from Dublin, Ireland, is studying an MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University and has been awarded an Elite Sports Scholarship worth £2,000.

 She said: “It is a real honour to have been awarded the Sports Scholarship. It means that I can keep up a high level of hockey training  while also studying for my Masters.

 “The scholarship enables me to train with an instructor at the gym who is helping improve various aspects of my fitness including strength, conditioning and speed. This will hopefully lead to improvements in my performance and allow me to continue to compete at a high level.”

 Ed Roberts, 23, from Bangor, is currently studying an MRes in Exercise Physiology and is in his fourth year at Bangor University.

 He was awarded a Maes Glas Bursary to assist with training towards Cross Country mountain biking competitions. The bursary will allow him to use all the facilities at Maes Glas for free this year.

 Ed, a former Shrewsbury 6th Form College student, said: “It feels really good to be supported by the University. I already have support from Evolution Bikes in Bangor so both together, are a great help.”

 Ben Butler, 21, from Surrey, who is studying an MSc in Environmental Chemistry at Bangor University, was awarded a Maes Glas Bursary this year. The Maes Glas Bursaries enable individuals to train and receive coaching at the Sports Centre free of charge.

 Ben, a former student at Godalming College, said: “I compete in both triathlons and road cycling and I’ve been training seriously for about two years now. It feels great to be awarded this bursary – it’s nice to see the University appreciating the amount of hard work that goes into competing in sports like triathlon and road cycling.”

 Geography student Nicholas Spencer, 21, from Hessle, Yorkshire, was also awarded a Sports Scholarship to assist with his Canoe Polo training and competing.

 He said: “It feels great to have my achievements and hard work recognized and the financial help from the University will help massively. I am now able to train more often and attend more tournaments, which will hopefully help me progress further in the sport. Polo equipment can be very expensive, so it will help towards those costs too.”

Paraglider Simon Sykes, 21, from Surrey, who came 20th at the European Championships in Turkey in 2010, is currently part of the British Squad and is training for the World 8 European Championships in paragliding. He is currently in his fourth year of a Zoology degree.

He said: “I feel honoured to have won a Sports Scholarship, and also relived as it will allow me to carry on training while at University. It also means I can keep up to date with kit and pay some of the expenses of competing as well as training.

Local Bursaries

 Every year Maes Glas awards a number of local bursaries to elite athletes from the local community. This year they were awarded to Aran Smith, who is a member of the North Wales Squash squad, John Kamel, who is currently ranked 2nd in squash in Wales in the U11 Boys category, Daniel Kamel, who has been selected for the Welsh National Squash Squad (under 13) and Darryl Gallagher, who is currently World Karate and Kick Boxing Council semi contact and light-continuous champion.

Publication date: 10 January 2012