Student Chemical Society host the Young Scientist Symposium at Bangor University

The Young Scientist Symposium is an annual event in which gives young scientists from industrial and academic backgrounds the opportunity to present their work to their peers.  This symposium is often for the first time that they will have presented their work in this way.  This year’s event marks the 31st anniversary of the symposium and was hosted by Sean Baxter, PhD student and Senior Demonstrator on behalf of Bangor Universities’ School of Chemistry.  The presentations ranged from super molecular chemistry to the production of synthetic TB.  The event was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry (National and local sections).

The day culminated with prizes for the best presentations and posters, as chosen by representatives from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the prizes winners were:


1st Mohammed Altahan, Bangor University

2nd Omar Ali, Bangor University.

3rd Dr Sally Burr, Glyndŵr University


Prizes for the best poster presentations were awarded to:

1st Mohammed Al Mashhadani, Bangor University

2nd Mari Slater Parry, Bangor University

3rd Nuha Hashim, Bangor Univeristy

Publication date: 19 September 2016