Win a weekend in Cardiff by taking part in the Culture Challenge

The Culture Challenge, to be held in March 2012, is open to all students and will see teams battle it out to win a weekend in Cardiff, with high street vouchers also up for grabs for the second and third place teams.

The event, organized by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and the International Student Welfare Office, will allow students from the UK and beyond to team up with Chinese students from the CSSA to give a presentation about their country and what they have learned from each other's cultures.

There will also be a quiz to see what the students have learnt from each other.

The closing date for applications is Friday, December 9th. Teams have already started working on the presentations ready for the final event, which will be held in the Student Services Centre.

Alan Edwards, Head of the International Student Welfare Office, said: “The aim of the event is to promote communication and integration between the University's international and UK students, and to give them an opportunity to learn from each other's cultures - and in the process, discovering more about the various nationalities represented at the University.

“The aim of the whole competition is to promote inclusiveness within the culturally diverse student population at Bangor University, with the hope that participating students will meet and make friends with others from all over the world.

“The International Student Welfare Office is keen to ensure that students have a positive experience whilst at Bangor, and an important element of this is for students to learn from each other's cultures and have an opportunity to do so in an informal setting.”

Any student interested in taking part should contact Manuela Vittori at the International Student Welfare Office at

Publication date: 5 December 2011