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Academic writing series

The Study Skills Centre is holding a series of seven interactive workshops aimed primarily at undergraduate students, but also of relevance to postgraduates. This free series provides a hands-on opportunity to explore issues central to the academic writing process, approaching topics such as the management of your studies, the use of source material, critical approaches to reading and writing, and discussing ways of generating and organising your ideas. For an outline of the content of each workshop, go online to

Academic writing 1: Manage your studies

27.01.15 and repeated on 28.01.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop has been designed to help you think strategically about the semester ahead and to map out a plan for managing your time.

Academic writing 2: How am I going to tackle this?

3.02.15 and repeated on 4.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

Not sure what your assignment question is getting at? Not sure how to tackle it? This workshop focuses upon techniques that you can use to analyse requirements and to plan an initial response. If you have difficulty generating ideas for essays, this is the workshop for you.

Academic writing 3: Note-taking and reading for purpose

10.02.15 and repeated on 11.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

In this workshop we will consider what it is that you need to get out of your reading, and explore ways of capturing information in note form. The workshop will also discuss notions of ‘criticality’ and how to take a stance. 

Academic writing 4: Paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism

17.02.15 and repeated on 18.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop investigates what constitutes good practice when using the work of other writers, and offers a number of methods for avoiding plagiarism. Particular emphasis is placed upon discussing ways of putting the ideas of other writers into your own words.

Academic writing 5: Getting started

24.02.15 and repeated on 25.02.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop aims to kick-start your writing by introducing a variety of strategies for generating and capturing your ideas. If you find yourself crossing-out more than you write, or staring at a white page and wishing it wasn’t white, then this workshop will benefit you.

Academic writing 6: Writing critically

3.03.15 and repeated on 4.03.15 (2:00–3:30)

In this workshop we explore ways of presenting an argument. There will be an opportunity to practice approaches to using your own and other people’s views and opinions in your writing.

Academic writing 7: Making your ideas hang together

10.03.15 and repeated on 11.03.15 (2:00–3:30)

This workshop explores techniques that will help you to find a coherent path through your writing and to organise it to maximum effect.

Publication date: 19 January 2015