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Personal Tutorial Scheme

You will be allocated a Personal Tutor by your Department/School during Welcome Week. If for any reason this does not happen, ask either the Senior Tutor or someone in your School office for your Tutor's name and email address.

Every student has a Personal Tutor who can provide advice and support on both personal and academic matters. It is very important that you maintain regular contact with your Personal Tutor.

Whenever possible you will have the same Tutor throughout your course. However both you and your Tutor have the opportunity to change this arrangement if appropriate (this can be discussed with your department's Senior Tutor or with Steph Barbaresi in the Student Services Centre).

You may feel that there are certain personal matters that you would like to discuss with someone. Feel free to talk to your Personal Tutor at any time; your Tutor will try his/her best to help. If necessary you may be referred to another member of staff, or to other services, for support or guidance.

Your Personal Tutor will give you feedback on your academic progress. You will be allocated three meetings with your Tutor during the academic year for this purpose. These three meetings are a minimum requirement and it is essential that you attend all three.

Please remember that these have been arranged not only so that your department can monitor your progress, but also in your interests. Regular feedback will help you get the best out of your course and to realise your potential.

If for any reason you are unable to attend a meeting you must take the responsibility of re-arranging the meeting yourself.

An agreed statement is a factual report of your progress which you and your Tutor sign when you have both agreed it. If you do not agree the facts, this can also be recorded. Your general progress to date may be noted, as well as a particular problem or special circumstance that in your view has affected your academic progress during the year.

On the agreed statement you have the opportunity to state whether you wish special circumstances to be conveyed to your Examination Board for consideration at its examination meeting.

Do not forget that these three meetings with your personal tutor is a minimum requirement, and that you can ask to see your Personal Tutor at any other time for advice and support.