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Sociology and Social Policy 


Find out about the course options in Sociology and Social Policy 

Why Study Sociology and Social Policy?

Social policy is an exciting subject to study because of its relevance to society – its structures and everyday life. Each person’s life is affected by social policies in fields ranging from education to health. The provision of welfare is of critical importance to all of us whether it is a residual welfare state or a fully functioning welfare state in countries as different as the UK and Denmark. Studying Social Policy gives unique insights into the way our needs and rights are addressed in society through an examination of theories and policies. Social Policy offers an opportunity to focus in on areas of interest and concern to you. In the past students have examined current day issues such as social insecurity and the rise in food banks. It also gives you a very firm grounding in the social sciences research methods which enables you to explore and understand our world in an empirical and evidence-based way.

Career Opportunities in Sociology and Social Policy

Social policy gives you the skills that employers value, such as writing, thinking and presenting skills. Moreover, you’ll be equipped with Social Sciences methods of study and research which are valued in any organisation.

There are many careers pursued by social policy students including the following:

  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Civil service
  • Local government
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Housing.

Our Research in Sociology and Social Policy

Currently we have a very active research environment within the School of History, Law and Social Sciences pursuing numerous interdisciplinary streams of thought and involving sociologists and criminologists. We have a very active PhD culture in the School with current students researching areas of welfare inequality and social development. Former PhD students have explored food banks and social insecurity amongst other topics. We also have a flourishing MA culture with registered students representing many international countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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