University owned Accommodation

At Bangor, we offer a wide range of self-catered accommodation, including standard or en-suite rooms and all first year single undergraduate students who apply within the given timeframe are guaranteed accommodation.

Applying for accommdation

Undergraduate applicants who have accepted an offer (which may be conditional) to study at Bangor University in September will be e-mailed in early June explaining how to make an application for halls and it is very important that you ensure that the University has your correct e- mail address as all halls correspondence will be via e-mail. Once you have submitted your application you will not hear from us until your place at Bangor is confirmed from mid August onwards.

Each year we try to designate some rooms for students for whom peace and quiet is important. Details of which hall has been designated as such will be on our accommodation website.

These may be suitable, though not exclusively, for mature students who often prefer a quieter environment.

Please note however that communal living will also be noisier than living in your own home and that we can not control noise coming from outside the building. There is very limited availability for these rooms so we can’t guarantee that everyone will be successful in their request for a designated ‘quiet’ room.

More information:

Family Accommodation

Currently the University does not own or manage any family accommodation. All students coming to Bangor with their families should contact the Student Housing Office for help and advice regarding renting appropriate accommodation in the private rented sector.

Student Housing Office

Private Accommodation

The Student Housing Office has a list of available private accommodation in the Bangor area. You can access this information in the Student Housing Office itself (First Floor, Neuadd Rathbone, College Road) where staff are available to give help and advice.

Most, if not all, of the properties are also advertised on our Student Housing website where you can search our database for your ideal property to rent.

We would advise you not to sign a tenancy agreement/contract until you have seen/viewed the property and made sure that it is suitable. For peace of mind a member of staff at the Housing Office will check the contract for you before you sign.