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Careers and Employability

For many students, higher education is a step along a path to many future opportunities. With the investment you will be making in both time and money, you want to be sure that you will have the best chances of success as a graduate. Our Skills and Employability Service provides a wide range of resources to help you achieve your graduate ambitions.

From the minute you arrive at Bangor we’ll be there to advise you and provide practical information on work experience, vacation jobs, term-time work and, of course, help you to identify what you’ll do after graduation. Because we want you to achieve your goals, we’ll even continue to support you for three years after graduation.

Bangor Employability Award

The Bangor Employability Award (BEA) scheme is designed to enhance the immediate and longer-term career prospects of Bangor University students. The scheme is on offer to undergraduate students and works alongside the University’s academic Schools, the Students’ Union, and with private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

The BEA enhances students’ understanding of the long-term potential of the activities they take part in during their time at Bangor. It also encourages them to take advantage of each and every opportunity that comes their way in order to develop themselves and their employability.

The BEA offers accreditation for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (e.g. volunteering, clubs and societies, work experiences, part-time work, learning a new language, etc.) which may not be formally recognised within the academic degree programme, but are considered valuable in the graduate jobs market.

The Jobzone

The Jobzone is the University’s student employment service, here to help you find term-time employment to fit in around your studies; vacation work and most importantly graduate opportunities nationally and locally. Additionally, work experience, internship opportunities and voluntary work are also advertised. You can access the information online, or call in for support and advice on searching for and applying for employment opportunities.

Work Experience Scheme

Work Experience is a critical factor in gaining future graduate employment. We recognise this by providing you with advice and information on a wide range of term-time and vacation-based work experience opportunities, and even deliver a programme of work placements from the Skills and Employability Service.

The highly regarded GO Wales Work Placement Programme is a paid work experience scheme that offers finalists the chance to work with employers during term-time and the vacations, carrying out high-level projects. This enables you to develop work knowledge, business awareness and commercial skills, whilst also earning some very welcome income! As part of the GO Wales Programme we also offer the Work Taster Programme which helps you undertake a period of work-shadowing, experiencing professions at first hand.

Peer Guide Scheme

We also run the nationally-recognised Peer Guide Scheme which is highly-regarded within the Higher Education sector.

Our Peer Guides are second and third-year students who are trained to offer you a little friendly support as you settle in at Bangor. There are approximately 500 Peer Guides – that’s one for every 4-5 new students!

B-Enterprising Programme

This programme provides budding entrepreneurs with enterprise and business training and support. It will help you to consider and prepare for self-employment. We will also help you to develop enterprise skills in order to make you more successful whether you want to be an employee or run your own business. You will learn how to network, think creatively, promote yourself or a product effectively as well as develop more practical skills to do with starting up a business.


For students interested in volunteering whilst at university the Skills and Employability Service can help you arrange voluntary experience through a GO Wales Work Taster Programme, Aspirational Mentoring Programme and the Peer Guiding Scheme. We also host recruitment days for local organisations and advertise national and international volunteering opportunities in our JobZone.

Online careers advice

Because we realise that students often need access to caeers advice at short notice, we offer online advice to supplement our usual guidance provision.