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Resources and Facilities

The University provides some facilities and resources specifically for mature students. These include the following;

Day Room

Many mature students travel to Bangor everyday from quite long distances. It can sometimes be difficult finding somewhere to relax, away from the library and coffee bars. A day room is available on the ground floor of Neuadd Rathbone, off College Road. Here you can sit and relax and eat your sandwiches, read the newspaper etc.


Trying to use the University library for the first time can be quite daunting. It is for this reason that the University organises interactive introductory tours of the library during Welcome Week. On these tours you will learn how to find what you are looking for in the library. These tours are extremely useful so please make sure you go, it will save you a lot of time in the long run, especially when receiving your reading list in those first lectures. Details of the library tours can be found in your departmental Welcome Week information pack.

Bangor has four libraries, each serving different Schools. Anyone currently registered as a student at Bangor University automatically has library borrowing rights. These cease at the end of your student registration. A valid library and access card is required to use library facilities; you will get one of these during Welcome Week and in the libraries thereafter.

If you live off-campus and find it difficult to get to the library, the library runs a scheme called LINC y Gogledd, which, if you are a member of a public library, makes it possible for you to have any books you borrow from the University Library delivered to your nearest public library branch. Ask at the library desk or at your public library for details of the scheme.

If you would like further details on the libraries e.g. regulations, locations, opening hours etc. see the Library website.

Parking at the University

A vehicle parking permit is required to park in the University car parks. Applications for permits will be available in Bar Uno at the Ffriddoedd site during the first week of term, and at the Estates and Facilities Office (above Bar Uno) thereafter.

Further information on car parking is available here.