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About Us

The Study Skills Centre is staffed by a professional and friendly team and is based in Main Arts and Rathbone Building. We aim to support students throughout the process of transition to and progression through the university by raising awareness of academic expectations and by helping students to develop the strategies and processes that will enable them to get the most out of their studies. Working alongside academic staff within University Schools, the Centre supports the embedding of learning development within the curriculum, and teaches through both English and Welsh mediums.


  • To provide up-to-date resources and links to other information providers on issues relating to academic study in UK HE
  • To offer cross-disciplinary group-based learning events that are designed to enhance student understanding of academic expectations and generic study practices
  • To develop discipline-specific group-based learning events (seminars, workshops, and or lectures) in collaboration with academic Schools so as to enhance student understanding of the expectations and practice within their own discipline
  • To provide 1–2-1 support targeting the needs of individual students
  • To develop opportunities for peer assisted learning in recognition of the impact that students can have on the learning of their peers, and as a means to enhancing student employability
  • To support academic staff in the development of study skills / academic practice components within degree programmes
  • To work in partnership with students and staff to ensure that our service meets the learning development needs of a diverse student body

Contact Us

Study Skills Centre
Skills and Employability Reception
2nd floor

Neuadd Rathbone
College Road
Bangor University
LL57 2DG


Phone: 01248 382689


Julian Brasington
Head of the Study Skills Centre
Tel: 01248 38 2693
Leila Griffiths
Study Adviser
Tel: 01248 38 2712
Ralitsa Kantcheva
Study Adviser
Tel: 01248 38 8015
Caryl Pritchard
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 01248 38 2689
Derek Holland
Maths & Stats Drop-in Tutor


Peer Writing Mentors – Bangor

Jenny Amphaeris Shannon Lock
Eoin Murry Esmé Molloy
Awen Edwards Grace Neary
Kate Stuart Ffion Nelmes
Veronica Diveica Lynne Stumpe
Amelia Smith Ceris Jones

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