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Arrange an individual appointment

Individual appointments

An individual appointment with one of our study advisors provides an opportunity to talk through any study concerns that you might have and to focus upon work for your assignments.  Appointments can last anything up to 50 minutes and are fully confidential.   Typically, our appointments are used by students to:  

  • talk through what an assignment requires;
  • develop ideas through discussion;
  • explore the reading-writing process;
  • consider how to shape ideas and use reading material;
  • discuss written expression and or presentation style;
  • encounter strategies for overcoming particular difficulties;
  • review approaches to exams;
  • develop proofreading skills;
  • think about ways of managing your workload;
  • identify further sources of help.

Note: We neither proofread nor correct work, and cannot offer an opinion on likely grades.

During an individual appointment, our advisors make notes on what was discussed and these notes are then given to the student in order to act as a useful summary of the session.  A copy of these notes is also held by the Study Skills Centre, the notes enabling us to: (a) refer back to previous appointments should a follow-on appointment be made, and (b) to analyse, evaluate and develop the service.  Any information given in confidence during an appointment is only noted on these forms with the students’ express permission.  The confidentiality of such information is maintained as a guiding principle of our work.  However there may be instances in which confidentiality has to be breached (for example when an advisor is concerned for the safety of a student).  Students are informed in all instances where such a breach of confidence is necessary.  Records maintained by the Centre are held in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Act Policy.

Arrange an appointment

Appointments can be booked using our online booking forms.  Once you have submitted a request, you will be sent an email confirmation of your booking. Make a:

If you would like to book an appointment with a Welsh-speaking advisor, please check staff profiles when you book.  If you would rather speak with someone before booking, please contact us on 01248 382689.