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Maths and Stats Resources

If you need to use Microsoft Excel to carry out statistical analysis you can find helpful advice on our Getting It Right webpage.

mathscentre provides over 1,000 resources including: self-study guides; diagnostic tests and exercises; facts & formulae leaflets; video tutorials, and downloads for mobile phones and iPods.  The site is the result of collaboration between a number of UK universities, and materials can be browsed by course and topic, or searched by key term.


mathtutor is a sister site to mathcentre and provides a range of freely available tutorials, tests and exercises that enable you to work through problems at your own pace.  Resources on the website are arranged under seven topic headings: arithmetic; algebra; functions and graphs, and sequences & series; geometry and vectors; trigonometry; differentiation, and integration.

Improve your numeracy

A downloadable pdf booklet that serves as a refresher for decimals, averages, percentages, ratios, fractions and approximations.  The booklet is produced by mathcentre


Numerical reasoning tests

Bangor Employability Award (BEA) hub has a number of tests that are useful for brushing up your skills prior to taking aptitude or workplace tests as part of the recruitment process. 


Excellent guidance on logarithms is given in Appendix A of a paper by Thomas Schneider.  Go straight to the appendix at the end of the pdf.


statstutor offers free video tutorials, tests, quizzes, case study videos and self-help guides on statistics topics.  The website was developed by staff from Loughborough and Coventry Universities in collaboration with the Sigma Network and the Royal Statistical Society.


Computer-Assisted Statistics Textbooks (Cast) houses a collection of three interactive e-books based on introductory statistical methods courses.  The courses are supplemented by exercises and draw upon scenarios from different areas of study (Health Sciences, Biology, Business, Commerce, and Agriculture).  Cast was developed by Doug Stirling at Massey University, New Zealand.


STEPS provides downloadable problem-based modules for statistics that are based around problems arising in Biology, Business, Geography, and Psychology.  The site was developed by a consortium of seven UK Universities and covers: graphical methods; variability; sampling; confidence intervals; hypothesis testing; experimental design; regression; discrete data, and simple statistical models.  The site also houses an online glossary of statistical terms.

Statistics lectures is a collection of text and video-based 5 minute lectures of key aspects of statistics.  The site is arranged around four units (descriptive statistics, probability, correlation and regression, and inferential statistics), and has videos on how to us SPSS.   Calculators for common tests can also be found on the site.