Listen Again: 6th Health and Wellbeing Lecture Series

Have you missed a session? Do you want to listen again?

Each month we will add the lectures so you can listen again or catch up.

Session 1: The Elderly in Illness: Hospital or Home Treatment with Dignity?

20 October 2015

Lecture 1: Holistic Hospital Care at Home - Rhetoric to Reality with Prof Bimal Bhowmick

Lecture 2:They already have a bed, let them stay in theirs (ppt) gyda Ann Conway

Session 2: The Psychology of Happiness 2

17 November 2015

Lecture 1: Happiness: Lessons from behaviour analysis (ppt) with Dr Rebecca Sharp

Lecture 2: Stop thinking yourself miserable – Rational Thinking for Positive Self Management (pdf) with Dr Fay Short

Session 3: Public Health Wales - Equality in Healthcare

19 January 2016

Lecture 1: Improving Health and Tackling Inequalities (ppt) with Andrew Jones

Lecture 2: Working Together on Health - Evidence from a 35-year study in Caerphilly (ppt) with Professor Peter Elwood

Session 4: Contemporary Genetics

9 February 2016

Lecture 1: How to Mend a Broken DNA (ppt) with Dr Rita Cha

Lecture 2: How to Clone a Prime Minister (ppt) with Professor Thomas Caspari

Session 5: Mental Health

15 March 2016

Lecture 1: Parity of Esteem – all in the mind? (pdf) with Mr David Coyle

Lecture 2: The Relationship Between Physical and Psychological Health (ppt) with Mr Russell Jones

Session 6: Support, Recovery and Coping with Stress

12 April 2016

Lecture 1:Support, Recovery and Coping with Stress with Dr Paul Carré

Lecture 2: Local Asset Co-ordination: Building Communities Project with Lyndsey Campbell-Williams & Gwyneth Rowlands