Listen Again: 7th Health and Wellbeing Lecture Series

Have you missed a session? Do you want to listen again?

Each month we will add the lectures so you can listen again or catch up.

Session 1: Young People and Mental Health

11 October 2016

Lecture 1: Health and Well-being in young people - support and coping mechanisms with Dr. Tracey Lloyd

Lecture 2: Anxiety: Riding the roller-coaster with Dr. Fran Garrad-Cole

Session 2: Positivity and Wellbeing

15 November 2016

Lecture 1: Psychology of Abuse with Dr Fay Short

Lecture 2: Self-harm and Suicide Awareness with Dr Nia Pickering

Session 3: Major Trauma

17 January 2017

Lecture 1: Recent Advances in Major Trauma Management with Dr John Hollingsworth

Lecture 2: Paramedic advances in pre- hospital trauma care with Iolo Griffith

Session 4: Health Inqualities

7th February 2017

Lecture 1: Inequalities in Health with Siobhan Adams

Lecture 2: Well North Wales with Dr Chris Johnson

Session 5: Cardiac Health: Fact, Fiction and the Future

14th March 2017

Lecture 1: How best to fur up your arteries - atherosclerosis update with Dr John Hung

Lecture 2: Personalised Prevention to Eradicate Heart Attacks with Dr Scott W. Murray

Session 6: Nature/Nurture and Disease

4th April 2017

Lecture 1: Novel insights into the origins of Parkinson`s Disease with Profressor Thomas Caspari

Lecture 2: Can we ever be immune to cancer ? with Dr David Pryce