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Accessing Expertise and Knowledge

Does your business need knowledge, expertise and support with research, development and innovation in order to better meet business objectives improve competitiveness and profitable ?

Bangor University has a range of established projects and initiatives, many pre-funded by various external bodies and organisations, which may be able to help. Below is a list of some of these projects and initiatives. However please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements further. 

BEACON is designed to build integrated 'Green Supply Chains' with a focus on developing new routes to  functional, cost competitive products using biomass rather than oil. They aim to do this by understanding and engaging with businesses to cultivate and then deliver 'Green Technology Solutions' to benefit industry across a range of sectors. 

Their aim is to enhance the embryonic green economy by applying excellent science to stimulate new job creation, inward investment and the promotion of Welsh scientific excellence at a global level.

The BioComposites Centre undertakes collaborative research projects to develop sustainable biobased technologies that will minimise the impact of materials on the environment, working with Large Multinationals, SME's, Micro Companies and Research Institutes interested in lowering their Global Warming Potential (GWP). A core skill in the Centre is the translation of applied Science into Commercial opportunities and the Centre has unique facilities that enable it to take an idea from bench to pilot scale.

The Centre for Lifetime and Reliability Testing (CLARET) forms part of the internationally renowned School of Electronic Engineering within Bangor University's College of Physical and Academic Sciences. 

CLARET provides companies involved in the design, manufacture or integration of opto-electronic and material technologies with lifetime and reliability testing facilities, tailored academic expertise, and business support. 

Sustainable Expansion of the Applied Costal and Marine Sectors (SEACAMS) in Wales seeks to integrate research and business opportunities around the coast of Wales and offers assistance and access to facilities (from offshore research vessels to laboratories and aquaria) to marine and costal businesses.