Accommodation at Bangor University

Accommodation for new Undergraduates

Applications for September 2014 - open from 27 May 2014

Undergraduate and ELCOS Applicants who have accepted an offer (which may be conditional) to study at the University in September will be e-mailed from 27 May onwards explaining how to make an application.  

The University will guarantee to find new undergraduate and ELCOS students a room provided they submit their applications by 31 July.

Please ensure that the University holds your correct e-mail address.

If you are an International student please make an application as soon as you are requested to do so. Please do not wait until you have been granted a visa - there may be no rooms left available by then.

Unfortunately, if you are a Radiography student it will not be possible for you to make an application online. Please click here for further information.

If you are a Nursing student intending to study at the Wrexham campus, it will not be possible for you to make an application online. Please click here for further information.

Please read all the information on these web pages very carefully and look at all our Halls information BEFORE you make your application.

All applications will be made online. We will ask you to specify 3 halls in which you would like to live and we will do our best to allocate you a room in your preferred Hall of Residence - but this is not always possible as the demand for different Halls can change from year to year. 

International students should also note that they are required to pay an application fee of £300 when they submit their application. Full instructions on how to make the payment will be displayed once the application has been submitted.

Please make sure that you mention with your application any medical or other condition which needs to be taken into account in the allocation of your accommodation. If you forget to tell us anything important we may not be able to change your allocation at a later date.

Once you have submitted your application you will not hear from us until your place at Bangor is confirmed from early August onwards. At this stage you will be sent an email directing you to view your Residence Agreement and the Residence Conditions. 

Once you have accepted your Residence Agreement you will be required to pay a deposit of £300.00 unless you are an International Student who has already made this payment. Please ensure that you have available funds to make this payment which is required to confirm your room allocation. 

You will normally be given 7 days to respond to the email offering you a room so it is essential that you check your email account on a daily basis during August and September. If you fail to respond your room may be allocated to another student.

Making an application after 31 July

If you have received an offer from the University after 31 July, or through the clearing process, we still encourage you to make an application for accommodation and we will do our best to help you. Please remember that there may be very limited accommodation remaining for later applicants and it may not be possible to provide you with the accommodation you would prefer.

If you want to know how we will deal with your application, or how rooms are allocated or the answer to lots of other questions you may have please read our FAQs. If you can't find the answer there please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


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