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The School of History at the National Eisteddfod

Staff and students from the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology are getting ready for this year's Montgomeryshire and the Marches National Eisteddfod.

Publication date: 28 July 2015

Bangor University looks forward to a busy week at the National Eisteddfod, Montgomeryshire & the Marches

Bangor University staff will be busy during the National Eisteddfod again this year, with a full programme of events on their stand on the Eisteddfod field.

Among Monday’s highlights will be a ‘Te bach’ or traditional Patagonian Welsh tea, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.  The University Archive & Special Collections resources which illustrate the history of the settlement, will be on show, including fascinating photographs of the settlers, taken in the early years of the settlement by John Murray Thomas. The open event is at 2.30pm.

Publication date: 27 July 2015

The School of Welsh has a full week at the National Eisteddfod in Maldwyn

Staff from Bangor University’s School of Welsh are among the adjudicators for three of the main literary prizes at this year’s National Eisteddfod, Montgomeryshire and the Marches, being held 1-8 August, in the village of Meifod. Professor Jerry Hunter will be adjudicating the Prose Medal, Professor Angharad Price adjudicating the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize and Professor Gerwyn Wiliams will be adjudicating the Crown.

Publication date: 21 July 2015

Scientists at work: tackling India's snakebite problem

This article by Anita Malhotra, Senior lecturer in ecology and evolutionary genetics at the School of Biological Sciences was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. 

Gerry climbs up to the veranda of our tribal longhouse with a snake bag held out in front of him. “Now don’t get too excited, but I’ve just caught a Kaulbacki,” he says, looking pleased but exhausted from a long hike and a six-metre climb up a tree. We gape, hardly able to believe that we have finally found this rare snake alive after four years of intensive searching.

Kaulback’s pit viper, first discovered in 1938 by British explorer and botanist Ronald Kaulback in northern Burma, is one of the largest pit vipers in Asia. On top of that, according to local reports, its bite is lethal. Despite being a co-author on the most recent paper on the species, I had never before seen a living specimen – few scientists have.

Publication date: 27 July 2015

European Champion Rafter becomes a Doctor

A student who began white water rafting at Bangor University, and has represented Great Britain in the sport, has also just added to her degrees from Bangor University.

Publication date: 24 July 2015

Law student Christian gears up to cycle around Holland for charity

A Bangor University student who suffers from a rare genetic condition is set to undertake a gruelling 182-mile bike ride for charity.

Christian Bolton-Edenborough, from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, suffers from Lawrence Moon Bardet Biedl Syndrome, which affects his eyesight and will ultimately render him blind.

Publication date: 21 July 2015

Prize Winners 2015

Publication date: 17 July 2015

12 Medical Sciences Graduates Make History

On Friday 17th July 2015 twelve Bangor University students will be the first to graduate from the pioneering BMedSci Medical Sciences programme developed by the School of Medical Sciences, the University’s youngest academic department.

Publication date: 17 July 2015

Bangor Students’ Union wins award for sustainability action

Bangor University Students’ Union have won an NUS Green Impact Excellence award, and were also one of the top five scoring Students’ Unions nationally for their Love Bangor Community Partnershipproject. This reflects local students’ dedication to positive environmental action over the last year, turning their union into a hub of sustainability at the heart of the wider community.

Publication date: 17 July 2015

Fears for offender rehabilitation as Britain embraces US-style probation

An article by Martina Y. FeilzerBangor University's School of Social Sciences and John DeeringThe University of South Walesoriginally published on The ConversationRead the original article.

One of the most dramatic and radical changes the last coalition government made to criminal justice went almost unnoticed. In 2014, the probation service that had stood for more than 100 years was broken up. It was split into a National Probation Service, responsible for about 30% of the previous probation workload, and community rehabilitation companies responsible for the remaining 70%.

Publication date: 16 July 2015

Bangor University‘s sought-after graduates

Newly released statistics show that Bangor University graduates are increasingly sought after in the market place. The results show that 93.8% of last year’s graduates are in work or further study, six months after graduation.

The great results come from the latest employment statistics for the UK (Higher Education Statistics Agency data) revealing that Bangor University out-performs the UK average in terms of the employability of its students, and is in line with the Welsh average.

Publication date: 13 July 2015

A week of graduation celebration at Bangor University

Publication date: 11 July 2015

Ground-breaking Libraries Services initiative is a Times Higher Education Award-winner

Bangor University Library and Archives Service have received the Outstanding Library Team Award, presented at the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2015, along with other Welsh partners in the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum (WHELF). WHELF comprises the National Library of Wales, all the Welsh universities, the Welsh NHS Libraries, the Open University in Wales and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Publication date: 10 July 2015

Bangor University Honours Awarded during Graduation Week

Two cousins who both in the music business received honours together at Bangor University graduation ceremonies this year (11-17 July 2015).

Rock musician and Super Furry Animals member, Gruff Rhys from Bethesda, Gwynedd, and Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens both received Honorary Fellowships at Bangor University.

Publication date: 10 July 2015

Hear this: it's no longer enough to just look at paintings

This article by Andrew LewisProfessor of Music at the School of Musicwas originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Art lovers now have the chance to listen to (yes, listen to) some well known paintings at the National Gallery. Six composers and sound artists have been asked to create music or sound installations inspired by paintings of their choice from the gallery’s collection, for its new exhibition, Soundscapes. Their work will be heard only in the presence of the art that inspired it. We will, we are told, “hear the painting” and “see the sound”.

Publication date: 9 July 2015

Bangor University: making a difference in Welsh language healthcare

Ground-breaking work to extend and improve the use of the Welsh language in health and social care has been recognised with Awards to Bangor University in two categories.

The Awards were made at the Welsh Language in Health, Social Services and Social Care Conference and Awards. The Awards raise awareness of the importance of the Welsh language in the health and social services sectors in particular when dealing with patients, their families and the public.

Publication date: 8 July 2015

From avatars to apps: why we still love to go down the rabbit hole with Alice

This article by Lyle Skains Lecturer in Writing at the School of Creative Studies & Media was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.


Few in the English-speaking world (and even the non-English-speaking world) are unfamiliar with Alice and her encounters with nonsense and play in Wonderland, whether through the original texts, or their many adaptations. Alice has walked across pages, stages, and screens; she is playable and played.

Publication date: 7 July 2015

Teachers’ learning rewarded

The efforts of teachers and lecturers in developing their Welsh language skills were recognised in a special ceremony held at Canolfan Bedwyr, Bangor University recently.

Publication date: 6 July 2015

Innovation Station Success

Twelve Bangor and Grwp Llandrillo Menai students were taken on a two day journey exploring the process of business startup. This year’s programme took a fresh approach from previous start up schools, focussing more on the behaviours and activities associated with business creation through experiential tasks.

Publication date: 6 July 2015

Pontio starts to open in October

Bangor University's new Arts and Innovation Centre, Pontio, will begin to open its doors in October with tours of the building and a series of taster events which will allow visitors to experience the new facility.

Publication date: 3 July 2015

Ground-breaking healthcare research showcased

Ground-breaking research which is set to improve healthcare in Wales and the UK was showcased at Bangor University today (Thursday 2 July).

Three projects in particular were given prominence, during a visit by Welsh Government Health Minister Mark Drakeford to the University’s College of Health & Behavioural Sciences, due to their potential to impact on services and patients.

Publication date: 2 July 2015

Wales to launch ground-breaking dementia research service

A nationwide online and telephone service that helps people to take part in dementia research studies launches in Wales today (2/7/15). Join Dementia Research promises to accelerate the pace of dementia research in Wales by allowing people with and without dementia to register their interest in studies, and helping researchers find the right participants at the right time.

Mark Drakeford, Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services will make the announcement during a visit to the Wales Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at Bangor University.

Publication date: 2 July 2015

Final Year Biomedical Science Student Makes Break-Through Cancer Discovery

A long standing enigma in cancer biology is how the cell growth regulator Cdc2 can be active and inactive at the same time. Human cells stop dividing in the presence of genetic damage by inactivating Cdc2, but they also need active Cdc2 to remove the genomic defects.

Publication date: 2 July 2015

How cancer abducts your immune cells – and what we can do about it

Thomas Caspari, Reader in Cancer Biology writing in The Conversation. Read the fully illustrated original article.

Cancer cells play it dirty to get what they want. They are survival artists with a strong criminal streak. They surround themselves with a protective shield of extra-cellular material and then secure supply lines by attracting new blood vessels.

To achieve both of these aims, they set immune cells a honey trap by releasing attractants in the form of messenger molecules which lure immune cells to growing tumours. At the cancer site, the abducted immune cells release growth hormones to guide new blood vessels to the tumour and help build a protective shield.

Publication date: 1 July 2015

Leading experts share latest Mindfulness research

World-leading researchers into mindfulness will gather to present and consider ground-breaking research in this emerging field this week (3-7.7.15).

Organised by experts at Bangor University’s pioneering Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice, at the College of Health and Behavioural Sciences, the event will discuss how mindfulness can bring benefits to individuals and society.

Publication date: 1 July 2015

Prestigious Poetry nomination for Bangor Professor

A Bangor University poet and academic has been nominated for one of the most prestigious and high-profile posts in the poetry world.

Publication date: 6 May 2015

Bangor University Students support Anglesey Sixth Formers

Bangor University students have been taking part in Pontio’s learning and mentoring programme PROFI over the last few months culminating in a Dragon’s Den style event at Neuadd Reichel on Tuesday 10th February.

Publication date: 20 February 2015

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network ran successful conference

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network hosted the Political Studies Association annual Media and Politics Group Annual Conference, 10-11 Nov 2014. The theme was on Media, Persuasion and Human Rights.

Publication date: 19 November 2014

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