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Conference at Bangor to set research agenda on benefit revolution in the lives of up to half a million Welsh people

During 2015 around 500,000 households across Wales will start to feel the effects of the new Universal Credit. What effects, will this huge change have on the disabled and unemployed; landlords and tenants or paying for child care?

A Conference at Bangor University will discuss this momentous change. It is organised by Bangor University with the cooperation of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and will be held at Reichel Hall on Friday 23 January 2015. It is the only open event in Wales, as far as organisers are aware, which will discuss the new changes.

Publication date: 5 January 2015

Society Honours Founder

Bangor University’s Professor Michael Rees has been made an Honorary Member of a Society he helped establish.

Publication date: 22 January 2015

What have Wales’s universities done for us?

Higher education impacts positively on social cohesion, crime rates, social mobility, civic engagement, health and life expectancy, economic growth, personal earnings and employment. It also produces income for Wales.

Publication date: 22 January 2015

Roller Coaster migratory flights of geese give unique insights into bird physiology and biomechanics at high altitudes

An international team of scientists studying the migratory biology of bar-headed geese (Anser indicus), during their high altitude flights across the Tibetan plateau and Himalayan Mountains, have revealed how these birds cope with flying in the relatively low-density mountain atmosphere.

Publication date: 16 January 2015

Bangor University student to lead uncharted river expedition

A sports science student from Bangor University has been selected to lead the UK’s finest white-water kayakers in an extended trip to discover new stretches of world class waters.

Publication date: 15 January 2015

A Mindful nation

Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice has been instrumental in introducing Mindfulness to the UK and in both researching its effectiveness in different settings and in training the practitioners.

An all Party Parliamentary Group, looking at Mindfulness has now launched an interim report, The Mindful Nation UK, urging all parties in the next election to consider how best to include mindfulness in how their parties tackle a mental health crisis.

Publication date: 14 January 2015

Prestigious Research Fellowship awarded to Bangor Archaeologist

A prestigious three year Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship has been awarded to Professor Nancy Edwards, School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology

Publication date: 14 January 2015

Bangor’s elite athletes awarded Sports Scholarships

Every year, Bangor University supports students with sporting ability by offering a number of Sports Scholarships for students studying for a degree in any subject area. These Sports Scholarships are awarded to recognise and support sporting excellence and achievement. They are aimed at helping talented and high performance students to combine their academic study and sporting performance to assist them in achieving their full potential.

Publication date: 13 January 2015

Launch of an innovative book on Welsh Linguistics and Lexicography

7 pm, Wednesday the 21st of January at Canolfan Bedwyr, the Business Management Centre, College Road, Bangor

A volume of writings on Welsh Linguistics and Lexicography written in Welsh will be launched at Bangor University by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol on the 21st of January. The volume includes seven papers written by  Dr Bruce Griffiths from Bangor, Dr David Willis from Cambridge University, Dr Elena Parina from Russia, currently at Marburg University in Germany, Bob Morris Jones from Aberystwyth, Dr Gwen Awbery from Cardiff, Andrew Hawke from the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystwyth, and Robat Trefor from Bangor University.

Publication date: 12 January 2015

Professor Appointed Chair of International Working Group

Professor Gary Carvalho of Bangor University has been appointed Chair of a working Group for The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). He is to Chair the Working Group on Application of Genetics in Fisheries and Mariculture (WGAGFM) for 3 years from 1 January 2015.

Publication date: 6 January 2015

Archive of the month

A photograph of Britannia Bridge pre. May 1970.

The bridge was opened on the 5th of March 1850, and built by the engineer Robert Stephenson.

Publication date: 6 January 2015

New game to help people cut back on drinking

New Year is a time when our thoughts often turn to making changes to our lifestyle. After the excesses of the festive season, reducing the amount of alcohol we drink is often high on this list, but our willpower can always benefit from a little boost to help us make these changes. Research shows that a new mobile game from Bangor University spin-out company Attention Retraining Technologies (ART) can do just that.

Publication date: 5 January 2015

UK on verge of steep lung disease rise in young adults - due to heavy spliff smoking?

The UK needs to be prepared for a steep rise in the number of young  adults affected by a severe form of lung disease due to their regular cannabis and tobacco use - lung specialists will tell the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting on Wednesday 3rd December.

Publication date: 10 December 2014

Why was the medium of education in Wales traditionally English rather than Welsh?

The reason is not because Wales was oppressed. Teaching through English was seen as a way of helping the Welsh to learn English.

Publication date: 20 November 2014

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network ran successful conference

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network hosted the Political Studies Association annual Media and Politics Group Annual Conference, 10-11 Nov 2014. The theme was on Media, Persuasion and Human Rights.

Publication date: 19 November 2014

Two Lectures on Welsh history

Two very different periods of Welsh history come under the spotlight of two lectures at Bangor University on November 7 and 12th.

Publication date: 4 November 2014

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