School of Biological Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences!

We are a medium sized biology department offering 11 single Hons degrees, one joint degree with the School of Ocean Sciences, and 5 Master programmes, as well as opportunities for study by research leading to a PhD or MPhil.

We have 29 academic staff and we recruit around 190 students each year to our undergraduate degrees ranging from biomedicine through to biology and zoology. We offer MSc degrees in subjects relating to molecular biology and biotechnology, and wetland ecosystems.

The School supports a vibrant research community in many areas of international acclaim, and has a range of facilities from a Natural History Museum to marine and freshwater aquaria to support both teaching and research. The School is home to the North West Cancer Research Fund Institute.

The School’s unique location provides a magnificent range of terrestrial, freshwater and marine biological habitats for field courses and study sites for student projects. We benefit from close associations with local hospitals, and the Environment Centre for Wales.

Open Days

Why not come and visit us at the School of Biological Sciences?

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