Bangor Business School

Business, Marketing, and Management Research Seminars 2013/14

Semester I 2013/14

Tuesday, October 29th, LR2 Main Arts @ 3pm
'UK macro policy in the 1970s: was it a case of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level, or just plain ordinary bad policy?' Joint work with Jingwen Fan and Zhirong Ou

Prof Patrick Minford (Cardiff Business School)

Thursday, November 28th, Alun 1.01 @ 12pm

'Making markets: infrastructures, engineers and the moral technologies of finance'

Dr. Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra (London School of Economics)


Semester II 2014

Thursday, March 13th, Alun 1.01 at 1pm
‘Who Manages Cartels? The Role of Marketing and Sales Managers in International Cartels: Evidence from the European Union 1990-2009’
Dr. Andrew Pressey (University of Birmingham)

Thursday, March 27th, Alun 1.01 at 1pm
The paradox of social resilience to coastal flooding
Prof. Duncan Shaw (Warwick Business School)

Tuesday 13th May, Alun 2.01 at 11am
Research, Politics and Expertise: The Production and Reception of Urban Knowledge
Prof. Tim May, (University of Salford)


Seminar organizer:  Dr. Tony Dobbins (

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