Bangor Business School

Business, Marketing and Management Research Seminars 2014/15

Semester I

Monday, November 24th, Alun 0.01 at 12pm
Qualitative research in management: current state and future challenges
Prof. Cathy Cassell (University of Leeds)

Semester II

Thursday, February 5th, Alun A1.01 from 1-2
Am I normal? Making clothing ownership and use more sustainable
Prof. Sally Dibb (Open University Business School)

Monday, February 16th, Alun A1.01 from 1-2
Title to be confirmed
Dr. Stelios Zyglidopoulos (University of Glasgow)

Thursday, March 19th, Brigantia 342 from 11-12
Critical realist meta-theory, social theory and methodology: Whatcan it contribute to management science?
Prof. Steve Vincent (University of Newcastle)

Tuesday, April 21st, Alun A1.01 from 12-1
Title to be confirmed
Prof. Susanna Feldman (University of Gothenburg)

Thursday, 7th May, Alun A1.01 from 12-1
Title to be confirmed
Prof. Samantha Warren (University of Essex)

Seminar organizer:
Dr. Tony Dobbins:

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