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Nusiba Akhter Tasnim Omani - BA Banking and Finance

"When I leave Bangor, I will definitely miss all the lovely people I have met here. Bangor’s natural landscape will always be kept in my memories. And of course my favourite place - Bangor pier."

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Lili Prosenikova - Criminology, Criminal Justice with Psychology

"Bangor is the typical student city, which is springing with life. The best place to spend your university years."

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Yik Chung Chow - BSc Business Studies
From: Hong Kong

"The lectures are incredible, every lecturer I have met are very experienced and lead me to have a better individual thinking."

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Simin Hu (Kari) - Accounting and Finance

"Bangor University provide lots of support to students. To be specific, when I was having trouble with my assignment, the assignment workshop helped me work on it. Those were really helpful for me."

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Changjing Liu- PhD in Translation Studies

"My teacher recommended Bangor University to me when I was at the end of my undergraduate study. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery in Wales, Bangor University’s high teaching quality and its open academic atmosphere."

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Peter Jingcheng - PhD in English Literature

"Bangor University as I believe is your best choice as you can learn a lot and gain useful academic knowledge, make good friends with teachers and locals, and enrich your life experiences."

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Qinrui Zhang- BSc Accounting and Banking

"The staff in the international student office provide a lot of help to international students; for example, helping with VISA application and providing airport pick up services. They also organize cheap trips around Bangor which is really cost-effective for international students."

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DianaDiana Díaz del Castillo Zambrano - Psychology with Neuropsychology

"The sightseeing will take your breath away. Bangor is one of the few places where you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains. In addition, because Bangor is so small you can walk everywhere and you don’t have to spend a lot of money in transport."

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Alexandra PenaAlejandra Vergara-Peña - PhD in Ocean Sciences

" Bangor is the place where you can find all you need. You will find a good/beautiful environment or landscape, you will find good lectures and a good study system that thinks about every single student, supporting them all the way."

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JulianJulian Kisselevits - Computer Science

"Lecturers are very passionate about modules they teach and it's fair to say they are experts in their fields. The fact that all the material such as lecture slides, tests and assignments come directly from them assures you that you are learning from the best."

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CharuCharu Dada - EdD Education Studies

"For most international students, like me, living abroad, away from family and friends is a first time experience. It can be a daunting task adapting to a different lifestyle, culture, making new friends or even working out the currency. I found having a positive attitude and being open to new experiences helps. You might fall a few times but you will have a Happy Ending."

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NebuNebu George - BA History with Archaeology

"Living in Bangor means living in a place of scenic beauty. The greenery, the beach, the pier, the hills and the mountain just become a part of your daily life. In essence one tends to believe that one is living in a holiday destination."

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Arathi Nambiar - BSc Psychology

"For me, the best things are the lecturers and the support staff. They are so passionate about what they do and helping the students out."

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Rumeet Sandhu - Psychology and Sociology

"The best thing I like about Bangor is the scenic environment it is situated in, offering both beauty and peace. Also the social groups have a warm welcoming aura."

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Mansour Bagheri - PhD in Psychology

"The scheme is a great opportunity for international students to gather and share their experiences, not only in academic issues but also in a multicultural atmosphere."

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Rana Tajvidi - PhD Management studies and Marketing

"I always dreamed to study PhD in Marketing and Management in UK and I had heard about beautiful Wales. Then I heard about Bangor from one of my friends who was studying at Bangor University. She told me about Bangor Business School and everything about the course and the university and I liked it too much."

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Mina Tajvidi - PhD in Management Studies

" Bangor is a compact city - university buildings, accommodation and city centre are all within safe walking distance, so there's no need to catch any buses or trains to travel to the university, and you'll save money. The cost of living is lower than many other UK cities."

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AlaaAlaa Mohammed Khalaf - PhD English Literature

"The reason why I chose Bangor is that it is one of the UK's most prestigious universities regarding the satisfaction of students and its supervisors have a high reputation in the field of literature; besides being a beautiful, safe and calm which make it an ideal place for my family."

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Bouchra Benzennou - PhD in Finance

'One of the things I loved about Bangor University is the variety of sports clubs and societies it has. They are all free to join which was such a nice surprise to me!"

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Victor EbueleVictor Ebuele - PhD in Chemistry

"International students face many challenges while studying abroad such as food, the language barrier and accommodation issues, which are the major issues they initially encounter. But as an international student ambassador and also one who has experienced such issues, I am able to contribute my own advice to helping new students from different countries settle into life in Bangor."

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KateKate Izims - Childhood studies with Psychology

"Bangor is very much, a study friendly environment. It is definitely the place to be, especially if you want to achieve the best out of your studies as there are various opportunities for you to reach your goal. In order to balance your studies with social life, there are various beautiful sites and places of historical interest to visit whilst you are in Bangor. This means you are not just studying but also have fun while studying."

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Image of MonalisaMonalisa Ofure Odibo - PhD in Law

"Bangor offered me a wide range of opportunities; from a vibrant research community, internationally recognised research programmes to its commitment to teaching and research excellence."

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KateFurqan Uddin - Management with Accounting 

"The best thing about this academic school is that teaching is conducted in a highly supportive environment and the flexibility, adaptation and responsiveness of staff is a strength. It emphasises small group teaching and encourages a close working relationship between staff and students, together with an 'open door' policy."

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MadihaMadiha Zaheer - LLM in international Commercial & Business Law

"I have been in Bangor since January and I am loving it. The best thing is that you can mould it into anything of your choice. Bangor is full of natural beauty. While entering from outside one can see mountains at one side and Irish Sea on the other. People here are really friendly and helpful. It’s a small city and a convenient place to live."

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AndyChueh Chih-Ta (Andy) - Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology

"My advice to students planning on coming to Bangor is to stay calm, there is help if you need. Talking to a peer guide or another international student who has been in Bangor for a year or more would be great."

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AndyAreerat Sura-amonrattana - MBA International Marketing

"The university has been a good support to me since my first day (airport pick up). All Bangor’s staff are friendly. I always feel free to ask questions."

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RecepRecep Gorgulu - Ph.D. student in Sport Psychology

"Although Bangor is not a big city, it is probably one of the most beautiful university settings in the UK surrounded by mountains and the sea; it is perfect for outdoorsy people. For me it is large enough for energy and enthusiasm, but small enough for individualism.

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KaylaKayla Jones - Creative and Professional Writing

"Moving to a new country and studying for a degree at the same time all on your own is a courageous thing to do, but it is also great to have someone who has done it before help you along the way! I want to be able to help other students who are contemplating studying here to be able to make an informed decision on coming to Bangor and to learn about all the University has to offer."

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ConorConor O'Brian - Environmental Management

"Bangor is the perfect compromise between city and rural town life.  The fact that it’s right on the water, and only minutes from Snowdonia only makes it that much better."

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