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'Live’ seminar shares Bangor’s expertise with the world 02.06.2006

Rhythms in the brain 25.05.2006

Rice companies court out! 23.05.2006

Getting to the bottom of trawling impacts 03.04.2006

Irish 'Air-Bridge' would benefit north west Wales 16.03.2006

Standard measure for Welsh vocabulary23.02.2006

High quality data identifies potential savings for commercial fisheries 16.02.2006

The Welsh language and the Welsh overseas 14.02.2006

Contemporary Historian discusses value of Feedom of Information 08.02.2006

Nipping bad behaviour in the bud 23.01.2006

Mapping out Memory 27.01.2006

Premiere for new Symphony by Royal Ballet Sinfonia 03.01.2006

Future rate of take-up of Carbon dioxide by trees identified 14.12.2005

Optical telecommunications: Hiding Meaning in Chaos17.11.2005

Antarctic Visit to Study Global Warming 14.11.2005
Ireland adopts Food Dudes 02.11.2005

World's largest car ferry aids Irish Sea monitoring 14.10.2005

Understanding of Brain Processes Involved in Reaching and Grasping Actions Extended 10.10.2005

New Research Attracts BAFTA03.06.2005

What Makes for Successful 'Widening Participation' ? 01.06.2005

Are Farmers Allowing the Environment to Work for Them? 24.05.2005

Scientific Journey to Antarctica Described to Royal Geographic Society. 15.04.2005

Bangor Gets Involved in 'Bar-Coding of Life' Project 16.04.2005

Gene Revolution Reaches Poor Indian Farmers 01.03.2005

Language Development via the Internet 21.02.2005

Virtual Molecules & Visualising the Quantum World 22.12.2004

Ground-breaking Study Short-listed for Award.08.03.2005

how the Welsh Princes Governed14.02.2005

Future of the Web to be put under international spotlight 30.03.2005

Pattern as Important as Bright Colours as Warning Signals in Animals 7.1.05

White Christmas? 20.12.2004

Blind Patient who 'recognises' Emotion 15.12.2004

Scientist to assist Water Indutstry prepare for Climate change 15.11.2004

Innovation set to bring profits to Gwynedd farmers 08.10.2004

Major Grant to Drive FOrward Cost-efficient Solar Power 13.09.2004

Major New CO2 threat to Climate Stability & Water Suplies 08.07.2004

Intrenational Cancer Researchers Come to North Wales 08.07.2004

Humanities Researchers Take the Money 23.06.2004

Launch on New Bilingual Media Journal07.06.2004

Bangor Scientists go with the Floe!31.03.2004

Explosive Sensor Technology Patented18.03.2004

Archbishop of Cantebury Welcomes new Biography 26.01.2004

Wales' Last Revival celebrated 26.01.2004

Innovative Clinical psychologist Joins Bangor's wining team 26.01.2004

Brain Coup for Bangor 16.01.2004

The Role Played by the Welsh in the American Civil war 22.12.2003

Welsh Institute of Social & cultural Affairs Inaugurated 12.12.2003

Academics Achieve Big Increase in research Funding 21.11.2003

£2M grants for Psychology & Health Sciences at Bangor 11.03

Plans for Cancer Research Institute Unveiled

Prince Madog Out For a Duck Again 21.11.2003

Psychology gains £2M in research grants 10.03

Older people want to retain their independence 10.03

First 'Incredible years' Centre outside the US. 18.09.03

A Mental Health Development Centre for Wales 08.03

£1M in Research Won by School of Ocean Sciences 12.08.2003

Another Spitting Cobra Discovered 30.06.2003

Getting Something Back from the Tax Man! 20.06.2003

Sustainable UK Mussel Fisheries 06.06.2003

Aiding the Preservation of Biodiversity in Central America 02.05.2003

First Professor of Forensic Clinical Psychology appointed 02.05.2003

Expert in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder joins School of Psychology 28.03.2003

Balancing Wales' Carbon Budget11/03/03

Bangor Strikes Oil 07.03.2003

Unlocking the Secrets of Evolution 07.03.2003

Bangor University Scientist Wins Prestigious International Award 01 03

Think it's cold here?. 01.03

Ulysses to assist in monitoring Irish Sea 12.02

New Centre for Satellite Observation Established in North Wales

Creative Writing at Bangor, has received a 500,000 boost

Work on next generation of solar cells

Man's Effect on Marine Environment

Product to help global Optoelectronics industry beat recession

Prestigious Award for young scientist at Bangor

Self Educated Scholar who studied among the greats of Princeton 12.03.2002

Understanding Welsh Devolution 22.02.2002

Bangor Scientists Probe 'Heart of Darkness' 30.01.2002

Life on a Forozen Environment-What's in it for us? 29.01.2002

Eco-Loos Among ideas to Assits African Communities 20.01.2002

University Joins World Elite 17-Dec-2001

Mixed Forests to Enrich our Landscapes

Reviewing Lord Penrhyn's Support 21-Dec-2001

Brain Gain for Wales 17-Dec-2001

Ageing Well 13-Nov-2001

Anticipating the Signal 13-Nov-2001

New Function Identified for Area of Brain13-Nov-2001

How Parents can be given skills to Nip Child Behaviour Problems in the bud14-Nov-2001


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