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Bangor University maintains leadership position in Student Satisfaction

Bangor University again leads Welsh universities in the most recent measure of student satisfaction, and is among the top 10 of the UK’s best non-specialist universities, the traditional institutions who offer a broad range of subjects. 

Publication date: 12 August 2015

Administrative Justice in Wales and Comparative Perspectives

From planning law to social care and beyond, the law has an impact on all our daily lives. With further devolution and changes to the law in those fields in Wales, Bangor Law School are proud to announce a conference on ‘Administrative Justice in Wales and Comparative Perspectives’ on 10th September 2015 at Bangor University.

Publication date: 3 September 2015

Creating a Surfing Centre of Excellence in Snowdonia

Bangor University and Surf Snowdonia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will pave the way for working together on a range of exciting new opportunities and initiatives.

Publication date: 2 September 2015

Bangor University awards its first ‘Women in Science’ bursary

Bangor University has awarded its first, innovative ‘Women in Science’ bursary worth £9,000 to Elizabeth McManus, 21, from Bolton, who graduated from the University’s School of Psychology in July.

Publication date: 2 September 2015

Over 3m investment in health research units at Bangor University

Over £3m is to be invested in integrated healthcare research at Bangor University over the next three years.

The Welsh Government has announced £2.3m funding for two grants to the University, one of which is to be match-funded with the University’s own investment.

Publication date: 1 September 2015

Prestigious award for Bangor Scholar

The School of English Literature is delighted to announce the award of a Fellowship of the British Academy (FBA) to Emeritus Professor Tom Corns.

Each year, the British Academy elects to its Fellowship up to 42 outstanding UK-based scholars who have achieved distinction in any branch of the humanities and social sciences. In the words of the British Academy, fellows are scholars who have 'attained distinction in any of the branches of study which it is the object of the Academy to promote'. This title is the highest honour in the UK for a scholar of the arts and humanities.

Publication date: 1 September 2015

Nitrous oxide from urine patches – it’s no laughing matter!

Commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ and currently used both in anaesthetics and as a ‘legal high’, nitrous oxide (N2O) is a powerful greenhouse gas produced in the soil by micro-organisms, especially so on land grazed by animals.

Publication date: 1 September 2015

Bangor University Stadium announced as new name for Bangor City FC Ground following landmark partnership deal

The home of Bangor City Football Club will be renamed the Bangor University Stadium after a new partnership was agreed with the local university.

Bangor University will become Bangor City’s stadium naming rights partner as part of a three year agreement, the second change of stadium name since the football club moved to Nantporth in 2012.

Publication date: 27 August 2015

Windows 95 turns 20 – and new ways of interacting show up desktop's age

This article by Jonathan Roberts of the School of Computer Science was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article


The arrival of Microsoft Windows 95 on August 24 1995 brought about a desktop PC boom. With an easier and more intuitive graphical user interface than previous versions it appealed to more than just business, and Bill Gates’ stated aim of one PC per person per desk was set in motion. This was a time of 320Mb hard drives, 8Mb RAM and 15” inch CRT monitors. For most home users, the internet had only just arrived.

Publication date: 21 August 2015

Bangor University to work with clinical academics in South India to prevent deaths by suicide

A social psychiatrist from  the University's School of Social Sciences is leading a team of psychiatrists and social scientists to work with colleagues in South India to prevent deaths by suicide.

Publication date: 21 August 2015

Micro-hydropower electricity generation could save the water industry millions

New research findings from Bangor University and Trinity College Dublin have highlighted the potential for further cost savings from micro-hydropower. Savings of up to an additional £1m a year in Wales alone could help keep water bills down.

Publication date: 20 August 2015

New art exhibit brings Dementia and Imagination to Bangor

Can art improve quality of life and well-being for people living with dementia? Might it even have wider social and community benefits? And if it does make a difference, how does it do this - and why?

Publication date: 19 August 2015

Ocean Study by Satellite Rewarded

A Bangor scientist is to be honoured for his work on using satellites to study the ocean. David Bowers of the School of Ocean Sciences is to be given the Award of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc). This award is granted for ‘services to remote sensing…through sustained and distinguished contribution to furthering science and applications which use remote sensing’.

Publication date: 19 August 2015

Cartoon Camping -Dementia and Imagination roll up at Green Man Festival

People attending the Green Man Festival should keep an eye out for two ‘virtual’ festival-goers- Doris and Ivor.  The mystery cartoon duo, complete with cartoon campsite, car and sausages are the creation of research artist Carol Hanson, who, along with and members of the Dementia and Imagination team are heading to the Green Man Festival this week.

Publication date: 17 August 2015

World’s largest ever fishing impact study brings hope for Cardigan Bay Scallop fishermen

Scientists from Bangor University, working together with the Welsh Fishermen’s AssociationWelsh Government and Natural Resources Wales have published their findings from the world’s largest ever fishing impact study, funded in part by the European Fishery Fund.

Publication date: 13 August 2015

A week of graduation celebration at Bangor University

Publication date: 11 July 2015

Final Year Biomedical Science Student Makes Break-Through Cancer Discovery

A long standing enigma in cancer biology is how the cell growth regulator Cdc2 can be active and inactive at the same time. Human cells stop dividing in the presence of genetic damage by inactivating Cdc2, but they also need active Cdc2 to remove the genomic defects.

Publication date: 2 July 2015

Prestigious Poetry nomination for Bangor Professor

A Bangor University poet and academic has been nominated for one of the most prestigious and high-profile posts in the poetry world.

Publication date: 6 May 2015

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network ran successful conference

Bangor’s Media, Persuasion and Communications Network hosted the Political Studies Association annual Media and Politics Group Annual Conference, 10-11 Nov 2014. The theme was on Media, Persuasion and Human Rights.

Publication date: 19 November 2014

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