Studying at Bangor

Advice for Parents and Guardians

As a parent or guardian, your questions and concerns about choosing a University may be slightly different from those of your son or daughter.

We'll try our best to give you all the information in one place so that you can find answers to those questions.

We feel that Bangor has advantages over many other university cities; several of these advantages are outlined in the Why Bangor? page and can probably be summed up simply by the phrase "quality of life".

Our Application Process page will talk you through the process your son or daughter will go through when making an application through UCAS and what to expect when.

We'll tell you about the Support that we have on offer at Bangor to help our students Settle In to their new life at University.

The Accommodation and Finance pages will give you the key facts and our Top Tips page will give you some tips on helping your son or daughter to make the process of applying to University a straight forward and rewarding one.

But if you don't want to take our word for it, why not come and Visit Us and have a look around for yourself.

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