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Angharad Tomos and Gwen Griffith discuss their novels

Image of Angharad Tomos and Dr Angharad PriceFollowing a successful series of events last year when authors such as Chief Poet Christine James and Caryl Lewis, award-winning author of the novel Martha, Jac a Sianco, visited the School of Welsh to discuss their work, another series of events is currently under way.

As part of the ‘Freedom of the Novel’ module, language activist and well-known novelist Angharad Tomos came to discuss her work at the School of Welsh on Wednesday, 14 March . Over 30 students attended the session, as Angharad discussed the background of her early novel Yma o Hyd (‘Still Here’).

It was her own experience at Risley prison, as a result of her role in the Welsh Language Society’s protests in the early 1980s, that largely inspired her to write the book.

“It was a time of pessimism for many who cared about the future of the Welsh langauge and culture,” she said, “and the optimistic words of Dafydd Iwan’s song, ‘Yma o Hyd’, formed a striking counterpoint to that feeling of desperation.”

Angharad, who graduated in Welsh and Sociology from Bangor and later received an MA, has just completed a play for the Frân Wen theatre company.  She has also just won a writing bursary from the Welsh Academy which will enable her to write a new novel.

Angharad Tomos is pictured during her talk and with Dr Angharad Price, the module organizer and novelist.  Both writers have been awarded the Prose Medal at the National Eisteddfod.

Visit the Academi website for more details regarding the Welsh Academy’s 2007 Writers’ Bursaries.

Recently announced is the Long List for this the 2007 Book of the Year award which includes the historical novel written by Dr Gwen Griffith, Dygwyl Eneidau, which won the Daniel Owen Memorial Award at last year’s National Eisteddfod.  Gwen recently won a doctorate in creative writing from the School of Welsh and she can be heard discussing her prize-winning novel in the Welsh Seminar Room at 5.00 o’clock on Wednesday, 25 April 2007.

A warm welcome is extended to this discussion which will be held through the medium of Welsh.

Visit the Academi website for more detail regarding the 2007 Book of the Year award.


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