Health and Safety Services

Lab Safety - Safe Use of Equipment

Hazardous substances are not the only risks when working in laboratories.  There are also a number of items of equipment, which, if not used properly can cause injury and in some circumstances even property damage.

To help you use some of the more complex equipment, the following Information Sheets have been created.  It is hoped these will provide staff and students with step by step, practical guidance on the safe use of specific items of laboratory equipment.

Additional Information Sheets will be added as appropriate.

  1. Information Sheet 1 - General Information.
  2. Information Sheet 2 - Electrical Safety.
  3. Information Sheet 3 - Safe Use of Microwaves.
  4. Information Sheet 4 - Safe Use of Autoclaves.
  5. Information Sheet 5 - Safe Use of Micro Centrifuges.
  6. Information Sheet 6 - Safe Use of Fume Hoods.
  7. Information Sheet 7 - Safe Handling and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders.
    (Further guidance on Gas Cylinders available here)
  8. Information Sheet 8 - Safe Use of High Speed Centrifuges.






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