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Student Services

The Student Housing Office

Looking for a house? Look no further!

Our Housing Lists for 2016/17 will be released on 1 December 2015. No matter what your peers may tell you, there is no rush! There is plenty of choice out there! Take Your Time To Sign #DontRentYet

The Student Housing Office deals with privately rented accommodation. Click here to visit our Studentpad website where you can search our database for your ideal property to rent.

You can also download our Student Guide to Private Accommodation, which is designed to help you when looking for your first house in the private rented sector, pointing out the things to look out for and your rights as a tenant. You are welcome to use the many student guides and checklists which can be found here (e.g. House-Hunting Checklist; Moving-In Checklist; Moving-Out Checklist; A Guide to a Successful Student Tenancy).

The Student Housing Office - About Us

Click here for information About Us.

How do we aim to ensure high property standards?

Click here to find out how we aim to ensure high property standards.

Where to find us...

You can find the Student Housing Office on the first floor of Neuadd Rathbone, College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DF.

We are open daily Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4.30 pm.

Tel: 01248 382034/2883
Email: studenthousing@bangor.ac.uk

Inter Site Travelling

The average number of steps and time it takes to walk between various sites can be found here.

Are you a Bangor University student based outside of Bangor? For example, in Wrexham, or the London Centre?

  • You are of course welcome to access the same support (e.g. contract guidance etc) from the Bangor Student Housing Office as detailed above – you may find it easier to contact us by telephone/email/Skype.
  • You are welcome to use the many student guides and checklists which can be found here.
  • Glyndwr University have kindly agreed that our Wrexham-based students can look at their private accommodation listings, which can be found here. Alternatively you can access this from within the Bangor Studentpad site by clicking "Looking for accommodation in another town?". If you require a list of lettings agencies in Wrexham, or contact details for the Wrexham Council Housing Standards Team, please contact the Bangor Student Housing Office on studenthousing@bangor.ac.uk
  • For details of accommodation for Bangor Business School London Centre, visit: www.bangor.ac.uk/londonbusiness/accommodation.php.en

We welcome your feedback.

We would welcome your feedback about the service received, to enable us to develop and provide the best possible service now and in the future.

Please contact one of the following with your comments:

Name Position
Maria Lorenzini Director of Student Experience
Steph Barbaresi Head of Student Support

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