Graduation FAQs


Every student who registers before the deadline can purchase two guest tickets. Entry to the ceremony for all guests will be by ticket only. Graduating Students do not require a ticket, you will be allocated a seat in the ceremony as long as you have registered to attend the Ceremonies by the deadline.

Your guest tickets will be waiting for you to collect, from the Registration Desk in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre, when you register on campus on the day of your ceremony.

Please bring with you your student ID card, or another form of ID.

It is envisaged that there may be a small number of tickets available for some ceremonies once all students have registered. If there are any spare tickets available for the ceremony, these will be available online from the  (TBC). Any further tickets that may become available will be available for purchase from the registration desk on the day of the ceremony, on a first come, first served basis.

Although tickets to PJ Hall are limited, you can bring additional family and friends with you to your graduation as the ceremonies are also streamed live into the Pontio PL5 (and other lecture theatres should the need arise). Even if your family and friends are unable to secure an additional ticket for the day, they can still enjoy and be part of your special day at your graduation.

Robes & Gowns

Yes. In order to be allowed to attend the ceremony you MUST wear the official robe/gown. If you are not wearing the official robe/gown you will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Yes. You must order your robe/gown before Graduation to ensure that one will be there for you on the day. To order your robe/gown see Ede and Ravenscroft.

You will collect your robe/gown on the day of your ceremony in Powis Hall . Staff will be on hand to direct you to the robing area.

Ceremony start time Gown collection
10:00am 8:00am - 9:30am
2:30pm 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The time at which your gown must be returned on the day will be confirmed by the gown suppliers.

You will need to provide confirmation of your booking with Ede & Ravenscroft.

The robing staff will be on hand to help you and ensure you are dressed correctly. For comfort and practicality, we recommend that you wear a top or shirt that buttons to the neck, as this makes it easier to attach your hood. A supply of hair grips is also advisable to help secure your cap.

Graduation Day

You should arrive early enough in order to give yourself enough time to complete registration and collect your robe without having to rush. Remember that it will be busy and you may have to queue for registration and robes. Ee would recommend that you arrive 90 minutes before the start time of your ceremony.

You are asked to present yourself in PJ Hall 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your Ceremony.

Your first task should be to register. Registration desk will be in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre.

If you are in debt (tuition fee) to the University you will not be issued with a certificate and you will not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony until the debt is cleared in full.

If you arrive late, but before the scheduled start time for your Ceremony, you should go along to the Registration Desk immediately where staff will be on hand to help. If you arrive after the schedule start time for your ceremony, please see staff in the Reception area of the New Arts Building.

When you register you will be given your identity card bearing your name and seat number, a graduation booklet and your guest tickets. Please keep your identity card safe as you will need to hand it to the Chief Marshal as you go on stage to receive your award in the ceremony.

Once you have been collected from your seat, and taken into the side corridor, you will be briefed on the process.

Upon arrival at PJ Hall, Marshalls will be available on the student door to help guide you to your seat – please ensure you are sitting in the correct seat number as shown on your identity card which you will have collected when you registered.

Your guests will need their tickets in order to gain entrance to PJ Hall, seating is on a first come, first served basis. For those who have made arrangements for guests with special needs, your guest will need to make themselves known to a member of staff on the doors, circa 45 minutes before the start of the Ceremony.

No, it is important that you sit in the seat number allocated to you. Your seat number will be printed on your identity card which you collect at registration. It is important you keep this card safe as you will be asked to hand it to the Chief Marshal before you go on to the stage. If you are unsure about which seat you should sit in there will be member of staff on hand to help you.

You need to be dressed correctly in your robe. Please ensure you have your identity card (given to you when you registered); you will need to hand this in to the Chief Marshall before you go on stage. Please ensure you have left any guest tickets with your accompanying visitors before you enter the Hall, your guests will need their tickets in order to enter.

Please note that, once you have been on stage, you will return to the same seat that you occupied at the start of the ceremony.

Please avoid carrying handbags, cameras, phones etc with you on the stage.

In the ceremony, you will be “presented” to the Vice-Chancellor by a Presenter who will read out your name and the names of your fellow students being admitted to the same degree. When your name is called, you will walk across the stage and be greeted by the Vice-Chancellor. You will then return to your seat . When all admissions to your particular degree have been completed, your degree will be conferred by the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor and you will then sit.


  • A Marshal will collect you from your seats when it is time to go on stage to be presented to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Follow the Marshal and stay in the order you have been placed.
  • The Presenter will read the names of each student.
  • When your name is read out you will walk towards the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Marshals will be waiting for you at the end of the row in which you are sat – you should return to your seat.
  • When all admissions to your particular degree have been completed, your degree will be conferred by the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor and you will then sit.

Except in an emergency, students are expected to remain seated throughout the ceremony.

The ceremony will last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Students are to be seated in PJ Hall 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start (9.30am for 10.00am ceremonies, 2.00 pm for 2.30pm ceremonies ).

Printed programmes will be available at registration and are free of charge for students.

Yes, students, guests and staff attending graduation should be aware that degree and award congregations are regarded as public events.

Names and awards (including those receiving their award in absentia) are published in the programme.

Audio and Visual images of the congregation are publicly available via a live webstream.

Award certificates for students who are graduates of 2023 will be handed out during the Ceremony.


For some Ceremonies, group photographs will be arranged – if this is applicable in your ceremony, you will be guided by staff to the inner Quad where the photographs will be taken. The buildings on campus will be open and you are welcome to visit the departments during the day. Most departments hold their own receptions, either prior to or after the ceremony. Your department will contact you directly.

If you are intending to book a photography session, please note that these can be held either prior to or after the ceremony.

Award Certs


2023 Graduands

Certificates for students who are due to complete in June 2023, will be given out during the Ceremonies. Certificates for other students will already have been posted to the home address recorded on your student record.

Certificates are posted to the home address recorded on your Student Record. Please ensure you check your address details before the end of your course to ensure we post it to the correct address.

Graduates with a 'Bangor University' degree from 2010 onwards can obtain a replacement certificate from this website.

Guests & Visitors

Graduation is held in PJ Hall in the Main Arts Building, College Road, Bangor, Gwynedd. LL57 2DG

The guest tickets are given to the student when they register at the Graduation Registration Desk before the ceremony. Attendance at the ceremony is by ticket only however guests can still come along to enjoy the day as all the ceremonies are streamed live on large screens in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre.

Yes, guests are permitted to take photographs during the ceremony, however we would ask that they are mindful not to obscure the views of other attendees. Photographs can only be taken from the guests' seat and guests are not permitted on the stage.

Staff will be on hand to direct visitors to the available car. A section of the Main Arts car park will be reserved for disabled permit holders/those with mobility issues that have already been requested.

Students whose guests have special requirements will have already been asked to complete the section called 'Special Requirements' when registering their attendance. University staff may also contact you nearer the time of the ceremonies to confirm arrangements.

For further information regarding accommodation please visit this website.

Refreshments will be available on the day to purchase at the marquee.

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