About our Research

Three key research themes

Energy and the Environment

Underpinned by fundamental research in the biological, chemical and physical sciences of natural systems, Bangor’s work in this area is strategically linked to the engineering of complex systems, modelling, and devices, especially in the area of energy, and to the social sciences, especially in the area of conservation. We address questions like: how can we rapidly pivot to assess the spread of COVID-19 in the UK’s cities? How can we effectively harvest energy from ocean tides? How can resilient, productive strains of food crops be identified most efficiently?

Health, Wellbeing, and Behaviour

With a focus on the development of empirically-informed, robust and context-relevant interventions, grounded in a fundamental understanding of human behaviour, this research supports health and wellbeing via impacts on individuals, policy makers and practitioners or through wider culture change. We address questions like: how can we improve conditions in the classroom to enhance learning? How can we use insights from the arts to aid those with dementia? How can we identify and support those with the potential for Olympic greatness? 

Language, Culture, and Society

Addressing the interplay of identity and community from diverse disciplinary perspectives, this research explores the interface between individual and society, and how sense of belonging is accumulated through culture, media, language, and history, and affected by the changing nature of communities and nations, including structures of governance, finance and administrative justice. We address questions like: what is the experience of using Welsh in daily life and how can we support it with technologies for digital language equality? How can the public best hold secretive state and commercial surveillant entities publicly accountable? How does literary and creative output enhance our sense of place as well as promote it to the world?

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