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Already Applied to Bangor University?

What should I do next?

The key steps in the application and admissions process are outlined below.

Checking your application status

If you have applied via Bangor University’s application portal, please login to the application portal to view your offer letter. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it at the login page.

If you are working with one of our agents then they should have emailed you a copy of your offer letter.

If you have made an undergraduate application through UCAS then you can view the details of your offer at UCAS Track.

Conditional Offer holders

If you have a conditional offer you need to meet each of the conditions listed on the offer letter. These could include:

  • Achieving a minimum academic grade in your final exams.
  • Providing additional documents.
  • Providing evidence of your English Language ability. If English is one of your conditions then see step 2 below about "Satisfy English Language Requirements" for details about what to do next. 
  • Providing an academic or work-related reference.

Once you have the required documents to meet these conditions, please upload them onto our application portal. If working with an agent they will do this on your behalf. If applying through UCAS please email a copy of your documents to

If you don't understand any of the conditions stated on the offer letter, please send our admissions team a message through the application portal or ask your agent for advice. If you applied via UCAS, please email

You can accept or decline your offer on our application portal. If you applied via UCAS, please confirm your decision on UCAS Track.

There is no deadline for meeting the conditions of your offer. But you must meet these conditions in time to allow you to apply for your visa to study in the UK. Preparing for your visa application and visa processing can take up to 2 months in some countries.

Unconditional offer holders

An unconditional offer means you have already met all of the university requirements. If you are a self-funding student then your next step is to pay a tuition fee deposit as specified in your offer letter, and this payment will be taken as formal acceptance of your offer. For more details please go onto Step 3 - Pay Your Deposit.

The following groups of students may NOT need to pay a tuition fee deposit:

  • Fully sponsored students - please provide a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor stating clearly what costs will be covered. Provision of this letter will be taken as formal acceptance of your offer.
  • Students applying for US/Canadian loans - please provide evidence of your loan application.
  • Bangor University graduates - please accept your offer through the application portal.
  • Students of EU Citizenship who do not require a Student Visa to study in the UK (e.g. having been granted pre-settled/settled status in the UK).

If you don't need to pay a deposit please go onto Step 4 - Apply for your accommodation or Step 5 - Apply for your Visa.

If you wish to decline your unconditional offer please log in to our application portal and complete the relevant section.

If English Language Proficiency is one of the conditions mentioned in your offer letter, you have these options: 

Option 1:  Apply to study a Pre-sessional English (PSE) programme at Bangor University's ELCOS department. 

Some of our pre-sessional courses can be studied ONLINE, without leaving your home country. 

The length of the course will depend on your current IELTS score (or equivalent). Please refer to the Pre-Sessional Course pages for more information or to make an application.

If you apply to undertake a Pre-Sessional English course and English is the only condition attached to your offer, i.e. you have already met the academic entry requirement, we may be able to issue a joint CAS, which means you can apply for one visa to cover both the Pre-Sessional English and Academic programme.

A joint-CAS will only be issued if you:

  • Have met all the academic entry requirements
  • Are already at B2 level, i.e. you have a minimum IELTS of 5.5 with all elements at 5.5 OR equivalent.
  • Need to improve your IELTS score by no more than 0.5 of an IELTS band or equivalent.
  • Have paid in full the Pre-sessional English tuition fee.

Option 2:  Appear in one of these English Language Tests, and send us the scorecard clearing showing you have met the minimum required score

All self-funding students are required to pay a tuition fee deposit. The required deposit amount will be clearly mentioned in your offer letter.

Payment of the deposit will be taken as formal acceptance of your offer. Once your tuition fee deposit payment is received, and have satisfied any other outstanding condition(s), Bangor University will issue you a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statement, which you will need to apply for your visa.

Pre-CAS Checks: Please be advised that Bangor University reserves the right to carry out pre-CAS checking/assessment to assist with your visa application and this may lead to a delay in issuing your CAS. If we need to do pre-CAS checks we will contact you by email to inform you of what information we require.

For full information about how to pay your deposit and Bangor Universities' payment methods and policy click here.


The following groups of applicants are NOT required to pay a tuition fee deposit:

  • Fully sponsored applicants - please provide a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor stating clearly what costs will be covered. Provision of this letter will be taken as formal acceptance of your offer.
  • Students applying for US/Canadian loans - please provide evidence of your loan application.
  • Bangor University graduates - please accept your offer through the application portal.
  • UK/EU citizens that don’t need a Student Visa to study in the UK 

If you don't need to pay a deposit please go onto Step 4 - Apply for your accommodation or Step 5 - Apply for your Visa.

Deposit payment deadline

There is no deadline date to pay your deposit payment, however, we strongly recommend you make the deposit payment as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays which could result in the below:

  1. The degree program you have applied for, could reach maximum capacity resulting in you not being able to join your preferred program
  2. Not leaving enough time to get your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, which is needed to apply for a Student Visa to study in the UK.
How soon my CAS will be issued?

Our admissions office will aim to release your CAS as soon as you become eligible for one, i.e. you have met: 

  1. Met all Conditions of your Offer Letter (if there were any)
  2. Paid the required deposit (unless you are exempted to pay the deposit, as explained above)
  3. Gone through all Pre-CAS checks/assessments (if needed)

Generally, our turnaround time for releasing the CAS is three working days after you have satisfied all points listed above

It is important to confirm your accommodation arrangements as early as possible before you come to the UK. Accommodation options available at Bangor University are:

  • University-owned accommodation - Our halls of residence are ranked top 3 in the UK at the WhatUni Student Choice Awards 2023. We have two modern student accommodation villages and can guarantee accommodation for all new international students arriving for the September intake. You will need to have accepted your conditional or unconditional offer before you can apply for accommodation. Further details on how to apply for accommodation can be found here. 
  • Private accommodation - there is a wide range of accommodation available in the city of Bangor, from private student halls to shared flats and houses.
  • Family accommodation - please see the Private Accommodation section, as the university does not own any family accommodation. We also advise that you travel to Bangor alone in the first instance, and then bring your family over once you have secured suitable accommodation.

For full details of accommodation and how to apply, click on the relevant links above.


To apply for your visa you will need a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statement. For details about How and When you can get a CAS issued, please refer to the details under "Step 3 - Pay your Deposit" above. 

For detailed advice on how to apply for your visa, go to our Visa and Immigration section. Our International Student Support Team is fully trained to provide information and advice about visas and immigration and will be happy to help you. Please read the visa and immigration pages carefully, and if you have any questions please contact our International Student Support Office at;

Tel: +44 (0) 1248 382882 / 388070

If you are working with one of our agents please go to them for help with applying for your visa. They will check that you have everything in place before you submit your visa application. If you would like one of our agents to help you with your visa application then click here for information about representatives working in your region.

DO NOT apply for your visa until you are sure that you have all the required documents and are ready for your credibility interview. We have prepared a guidance document to help you prepare for the UKVI Credibility Interview.

As part of the standard student visa application process, students from some countries may be asked to complete a credibility interview which will be carried out by the Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) service staff, this usually takes place via a video link.

If you are required to do an interview then you will receive an invitation via email to the email address you used during the application process. The interview will normally last up to an hour and is designed to allow you to provide a detailed explanation of your reason for studying in the UK and why you have chosen to study with us at Bangor University.

We are committed to providing students with the best possible application experience and have created a guidance document as a tool to help you prepare for the UKVI Credibility Interview, and understand the format and types of questions you may be asked. You can access the guidance document here.

If you are asked to attend an interview but do not go, then your student visa application will be refused.

If you have any questions please contact our International Recruitment Team at:

Tel: +44 (0) 1248 250 008


Our Regional Managers visit many countries throughout the year to meet with prospective students, applicants and offer holders.

You can find out when we are visiting your country by clicking here. Select your country from the list and click the 'visits' tab. If we are not scheduled to visit your country in the coming months then you are welcome to contact your Regional Manager with any questions.

We also have a number of agents and representatives who can provide guidance about studying at Bangor University, please click the 'Agents & Partners' tab for more information.

Plan your travel

You MUST arrange your accommodation BEFORE you travel to Bangor. Refer to 'Step 4' above for further details.

We recommend Manchester International Airport as we offer an Airport Pick-Up Service for international students from that airport on a selection of dates. However, if you will be arriving on a different date, or at a different airport, see ' How to Get to Bangor'.

After reaching Bangor, students who have booked University accommodation should go to the Halls Office to collect their keys between 9am - 5pm. Outside those working hours, please go to the Security Lodge on Ffriddoedd Site to collect your key.

But if you are not staying in University accommodation, you should make an arrangement with the private landlord, agent, or hotel about how to collect your key.

We strongly recommend that you arrive in Bangor within our working hours Monday to Friday between 9 am to 4 pm UK time, so that we can assist you if needed. If that is not possible and you need any assistance, please go to Reception in Main Arts Building on College Road or call the Security Team at +44 (0) 1248 382795.

Things to pack

Please ensure that you are carrying the following documents/items;

  • Valid passport or identity card - It is important that you carry your passport every time you travel to/from the UK whether you are from Europe or beyond.
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Acceptance letter/CAS letter from Bangor University
  • Proof of payment for any tuition or accommodation fees
  • Cash in GBP (You should bring enough cash or traveller's cheques for at least a week as you will not be able to open a bank account instantly. We recommend that you bring approximately £500)
  • Electrical adapters
  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • If you are staying in the University Halls, check what supplies you will need to bring (e.g. bedding, towel etc).

If you arrive in Bangor on one of our airport pick-up services, we arrange shopping trips for our new arrivals to go to a local supermarket to buy essential supplies (food, cooking equipment, etc.). For more information, please refer to your 'Registration and Orientation' or 'Welcome Week' Programme.

Health & Disabilities

Most of our international students will qualify for free National Health Service (NHS) treatment.  However, if you will be studying in the UK for six months or less, make sure you arrange suitable medical insurance as you will not be covered by NHS. If you are an EEA national, make sure that you apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). More information about healthcare in the UK.

If you disclose any disabilities that you have, our Disability Team in Student Services & Administration & Administration will be able to give you extra support. Please email

Follow us on Social Media

Follow our official Bangor University International facebook page, which has a full list of the social events and trips we arrange and gives students a chance to communicate with each other before coming to Bangor. 

Read important advice

  1. The British Council has several publications - we recommend that you read 'First Steps', a pre-departure guide for international students coming to study in the UK.
  2. Try this fantastic interactive learning tool Prepare to Study and Live in the UK which will help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.
  3. 'Arriving in the UK ' - includes important information about what to expect at the UK Border
  4. 'Student Arrivals: 10 Top Tips' - A document by UK Border Force about getting through the UK border as securely and quickly as possible.

Welcome to Bangor University!

The International Student Support Team will be here to help you when you first arrive at Bangor University and throughout your studies. Your first few weeks will be very busy with a range of events and activities designed to help you settle into University life. Remember you are not alone, we are here to help!

Our International Student Support Website is full of useful information.

Any questions please get in touch:

Tel: +44 (0) 1248 388633

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