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Professor Oliver Turnbull

Professor Oliver Turnbull
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
01248 383670
Bangor University

Professor Oliver Turnbull is Deputy Vice Chancellor of Bangor University. He holds the portfolio for overall University strategy, and management of Academic planning process. He is also the lead for the Academic Strategy, the Internationalisation Strategy, and the Estates, Digital, and Sustainability Strategies.

As an academic, Professor Turnbull is a neuropsychologist, and a Clinical Psychologist, with an interest in emotion and its many consequences for mental life. His interests include: emotion-based learning, and the experience that we describe as 'intuition'; the role of emotion in false beliefs, especially in neurological patients; and the neuroscience of psychotherapy. He is the author of a number of scientific articles on these topics, and of the popular science text 'The Brain and the Inner World'. He remains an active researcher and lecturer, and leads the University’s Visceral Mind Summer School, where he specializes in teaching neuroanatomy, particularly through anatomical drawing and brain dissection.