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Important Information

  • We are able to guarantee a place in halls of residence to all new first year undergraduates who choose Bangor as their Firm Choice and make an application within the given timeframe.
  • To help you make a choice regarding the hall in which you would like to live, please choose a hall of residence from the 'Choose a Hall' menu' for detailed information. 
  • The University reserves the right to change your room allocation prior to arrival, including within the same hall or to a different hall as necessary for the purposes of efficient and safe management of the residences.  This will always be to a like-for-like room or better subject to availability at that time.
  • Student room insurance is provided through Endsleigh. This covers items in your room against theft, fire and flood. To check what is covered, just download your insurance certificate.
    Laptops, tablet and phones are not covered outside your room, you may wish to take out additional cover. Endsleigh offer a packages to do this which can be reviewed at:
  • Once the Student has accepted their Offer and the University has received (or waived) the pre-payment the Student is contractually bound to pay the Rent for the full Period of Residence. There is no ‘cooling off’ period or right to cancel. If the University has waived the requirement to pay the rent-prepayment, The Student is contractually bound when the Student accepts their Offer. The pre-payment is a payment towards the Rent. The pre-payment is NOT a refundable deposit.
  • Prior to moving into accommodation, all students are required to agree and sign the terms of a residence agreement and are required to pay a pre-payment of rent as part of the acceptance process (this pre-payment is then deducted from the hall fees).  The agreement clearly outlines payment terms for accommodation.  Students may pay for their hall fees in advance in full, or by selecting one of the available payment plans by recurring card instalments.  Students receiving a monthly bursary are eligible to pay by a monthly manual payment plan; this can be done by visiting the Halls Office.   Please find the Halls Credit Control Policy here.

Please click on each hall to find out more details and prices.

All locations are managed directly from the Halls Office.  Support is available during the daytime from the Halls Office, University Security Staff and Student Services and out of hours and at weekend from the resident Senior Wardens and Student Mentors. The University also employs a team of Student Mentors to live in every hall of residence and do everything possible to foster and maintain a safe residential environment. Students from diverse backgrounds can live, study and socialise in a peaceful and secure environment. More information on Mentors...


Please note:

At the end of each academic year it is necessary to clear away bicycles that have been left by students who no longer live in the Halls of Residence.In order for this exercise to take place please take any bicycle you own with you when you leave Halls.

If you are unable to take your bike with you for any reason please inform the Halls office immediately. If you do not remove the bicycle within 7 days of the end of your contract the University will remove the bicycle and dispose of it as it sees fit. Where possible, bicycles are donated to charitable causes.

If you lose the key for your bike chain or lock, the Halls Office are able to arrange for a local contractor to cut the lock and release the bicycle. Evidence that you are indeed the owner of the bicycle must be presented to the Halls Office. You will incur a £30 release charge, which will appear on your University account.