Amina Rashid Al-Alaiwi

Accounting and Finance, 2010

Bangor University’s Business School is proud to have an established partnership with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF).

The partnership between Bangor University and BIBF began in 2004 with the first cohort of students graduating in 2007. Since then more than 500 students have graduated from this programme which enables students to study the foundation year and the first two years of their degree in Bahrain and complete their final year to earn their degree in Bangor.

In 2016 the Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year was launched. This honour recognises a graduate of the Bangor/BIBF programme who has achieved professional distinction, while also finding time to undertake volunteer activities and give back to their community.

Born in Bahrain, Bangor was Amina Al-Alaiwi’s first ‘study abroad’ experience. Having earned her Diploma in Banking and Finance and Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance at BIBF, Amina came to Bangor University to gain her B.A. in Accounting and Finance in 2010. She was awarded the Best Performance Award in Accounting and Finance for the Class of 2010.

Of her time in Bangor, Amina says “The best thing about Bangor is the peace, which you can hardly get while living in big cities. I loved the nature in the area and the fact that the local people were very friendly”. She is still in touch with a number of friends that she made in Bangor.
Following graduation, Amina enrolled on the Chartered Financial Analyst program. She has recently passed the Level II exam and is currently preparing for the upcoming Level III exam in June 2017.

Amina is now Superintendent in the Inspection Directorate at the Central Bank of Bahrain. She started in a junior position as a fresh graduate and now supervises her own team. Prior to joining the Central Bank of Bahrain, Amina worked for the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait for over 5 years holding Management Accountant, Financial Accountant and Trade Finance roles.

Regarding the impact that Bangor has had on her career, Amina said “Bangor University has name recognition in Bahrain as one of the best universities and that enabled me to secure interviews in many places or win a job over other candidates. I have also received many intangible benefits from my time at Bangor University including expanding my worldviews and building lifelong friendships.”

Amina was presented with her award by Bangor’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Phil Molyneux, Dean of College of Business, Law, Education and Social Science, during the third annual Bangor alumni reunion in the Kingdom of Bahrain in September 2016.