The Second Annual Dennis Crisp Memorial Lecture in Marine Sciences

The Second annual Dennis Crisp Memorial Lecture in Marine Sciences was held in Pontio on Wednesday, 13 September 2017.

This special lecture series marks the legacy of Prof. Dennis Crisp (1916-1990), one of Britain’s best known marine biologists who was key in establishing Bangor’s School of Ocean Sciences. Prof. Crisp was a zoologist with a predilection for physics and chemistry, disciplines he brought to bear on the physiology and ecology of marine invertebrates.

The lecture, entitled "A Dreadful but Exciting Life, Full of Stress, Passion and Danger”, was delivered by Bangor University alumnus Prof. Brian Bayne OBE (Marine Biology, 1960). Prof. Bayne's research over 50 years has encompassed physiological ecology and the energetics of marine bivalves, with an emphasis on mussels and oysters.

During his career as a marine biologist with the UK Natural Environment Research¬†Council, Prof. Bayne served as the Director of the Institute for Marine Environmental Research and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and was the first Director of the Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences. He gained his PhD at the Marine Science Laboratory at Bangor University and held post-doctoral appointments at the Universities of Copenhagen and Sao Paulo, and the Fisheries Research Laboratory at Conwy, North Wales. He was a Lecturer at the University of Leicester and held Research Professorships at the University of California and the University of Sydney and in 1998 he was appointed an OBE. In 1996 he published a monograph on mussels, and in 2017 a monograph on the Biology of Oysters.

In this public lecture, part of the Seventh International Oyster Symposium, Prof. Bayne discussed the role of 'organismal biology' (physiological ecology) in two aspects of marine biology: ecological models and experimental genomics.

The lecture attracted an audience of over 120 which included alumni, staff, delegates of the Oyster Symposium and members of Prof. Crisp’s family.


Prof. Brian Bayne


L-R: Prof. David Thomas (Head of School of Ocean Sciences), Prof. Brian Bayne, Marianne Bayne and Prof. Colin Jago (Dean of College of Natural Sciences)


L-R: Jill Crisp, Graeme Crisp, Marianne Bayne and Prof. Brian Bayne

Prof. Brian Bayne gets a Bangor Dragon from Prof. David Thomas!