Readers Ticket

Registering for an Archives Wales reader's ticket

Everyone wishing to use the Archives and Special Collections to consult original documents will need to register for an Archives Wales reader's ticket.

You do not need a reader's ticket to access reference books or catalogues in the reading room.

Like many of the record offices in Britain, we operate a readers' ticket system in order to help us to run more efficiently and to safeguard the documents in our care. Registration is compulsory for anyone wishing to use original documents. There is no charge for registration.

In order to register for an Archives Wales reader's ticket, you will need to fill in a form asking you for your name, title, address and telephone number. You will also need to bring two documents with you. One that shows your home address and the other, your signature. Here is a list of the forms of identification we accept.

A. Proof of identity (must include a valid signature):

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Bank card
  • Credit card
  • Government / local council staff ID
  • UK or other European Union national ID card
  • Police / Customs / Home Office warrant card
  • HM Forces ID card
  • Sea/Air Master's licence
  • NUJ pass

B. Proof of address (internet printouts are not accepted):

  • Driving licence with address
  • TV licence
  • Utility bill (issued within the last three months)
  • Bank / building society statement (issued within the last three months)
  • Credit card statement (issued within the last three months)
  • Council tax bill / Council rent book
  • HM Revenue and Customs statement
  • Passports with address (where the address has been officially entered by the issuing authority)
  • UK or other European Union national ID card with address
  • Home Office permit to stay
  • University certificate for hall of residence (stamped and signed by institution)
  • UK Firearms licence
  • Home insurance policy
  • International student photo card

Please note that:

  • utility bills, bank / building society statements, credit card statements and HM Revenue and Customs statements cannot be older than three months to be acceptable proof of address.
  • documents such as a driving licence which feature on both lists A and B can be used either as proof of address or proof of identity but cannot be used as both.
  • a valid signed reader's ticket for the National Library of Wales, The National Archives, the British Library or London Metropolitan Archives is an acceptable substitute for the items on list A. You will still need to provide proof of address however.

If you are unable to produce any of these items, or if you do not have a fixed address, please speak to a member of Archive Service staff, who will help you find a way to use our service. However, we can't issue a ticket without adequate means of identification - we regret no exceptions can be made to this rule, in order to protect the integrity of the reader's ticket scheme.

Proof for students

If you are aged 14 or over and still at school or college, should you not be able to provide the required documents for a ticket from the above lists, you can instead bring a letter on headed paper signed by your teacher or tutor, together with evidence of your identity which includes your name and a portrait photograph, such as a passport, Citizen Card or student card. There is a template available for the required letter from your teacher or tutor.

Renewals and lost cards

Reader's tickets are valid for five years from the date of issue and can be renewed with production of proof of identity and address.
Lost, damaged or stolen tickets can be replaced upon production of proof of identity and address: however, the issuing office may make a charge for the replacement ticket.