March 2012


Hidden Worlds exhibition

Brambell Building, Deiniol Road
Saturday 17 March 2012, 10:00–16:00

A fantastic opportunity for everyone to come along and see something amazing. Let science reveal the surprising world around you.

All Welcome: this event is ideal for families, students, anyone with curiosity about science or the university or with time on their hands. Come & see something amazing, find out about our hidden worlds.

The focus of the day will be on fascinating displays and fun activities…

·         A rare chance to visit our amazing Natural History Museum collection. Our museum is home to huge skeletons of hippos, elephant and rhino. See the antlers of the giant elk. Look at our stuffed birds and animals including tiger, bear, monkeys, badger and many more weird and wonderful beasts. Have a look at the animals of Australasia, including the rare kakapo, the echidna and duck-billed platypus.

·        Come and see our fabulous fossils in our “moving through time” activity and make a souvenir to take home and have a look at our geology collection.

·         We have a stunning exhibition of scientific photography with over 50 entries from our recent competition and the winners from of the 2 categories: Microworld (images taken using a microscope) and Macroworld (those taken without).  See if you can identify the source of the images!

·          “20,000 years under  the sea: prehistoric and contemporary landscapes in the Menai Strait”

North west cancer research fund institute are operating tours of the laboratories all day plus at 2pm a talk followed by guided tour.

Tours of the aquarium-tropical fish, guppies and cichlid fishes from Africa - not usually open to the public.
In our microbiology labs the UV lights will reveal how bugs breed and spread.
Come and find out about human anatomy, using computer software, realistic models and pathology specimens.  This is a hands on experience: find your pulse and look at blood flow on the computer screen.
Dip into a rockpool…
Peer into a brain...
 See the exhibition on climate change
Come and see something amazing!

Any time between 10:00am - 04:00pm Brambell Building

For all information on Bangor Science Week 2012 click here