Student and Alumni Profiles

Jeremy Smith with friends chatting over a glass of prosecco

Jeremy Smith

Bangor is just a fantastic place to be. The scenery is amazing, and the University itself looks incredible. I’d heard great things about the student experience in Bangor, so I knew it would be a place I would enjoy. There were some really great lecturers that genuinely cared about students success. It’s more than just a job to them. And a lot of them stay in touch after as well!

Margaret Cowan - Bangor Business School Alumni

Margaret Cowan

I am certain I would not be where I am today if I had not studied at Bangor University. Without the dedicated support and encouragement from my lecturers, I would not have pushed myself to apply for a master’s and would most likely have settled for a job I wasn’t satisfied with. Instead, I completed my MSc and started a position I am incredibly passionate about straight out of university.

Elen (Ellie) Rankenhohn smiling to camera wearing her cap and gown at graduation outside the main arts building.

Elen Rankenhohn

Not only has my experience at the school given me the knowledge as a base for my career, but it has sparked a confidence in me that I never thought I had. I now know I have what it takes to be a successful marketeer and have already started climbing my professional ladder. Bangor Business School has helped me build confidence and believe in myself and allowed me to find my passion which is now my career.

Errol Grant Bangor Business School Alumni

Errol Grant

I would not have the career I pursued without studying at Bangor Business School. I acquired knowledge beyond the degree. By learning from lecturers with industry experience, I gained an understanding of the practical application of academic studies. It helped me tackle genuine business problems facing clients in my industry.

Ahmed Dhaif a Bangor University Graduate by the Menai Bridge.

Ahmed Dhaif

My experience at BBS continues to shape my life on many levels. I have come to understand more about the academic culture, diversity, and most importantly having a sense of purpose in life, and this is on-going and shall only be improved in the years to come. 

Charles Vogt a former student of Bangor Business School

Charles Vogt

The support, care, and encouragement from my lecturers gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in finding employment. Not only do lecturers care about how you perform inside the classroom, but they also care about how you’ll succeed later down the line. The career fairs and employment support on offer at BBS certainly helped me to connect with people in the same area of study and branch out my network in order to secure a job after graduation. In fact, if I hadn’t attended a Bangor University careers fair, I wouldn’t have met the employer I’m still with today!

 George Krokos Bangor Business School Alumni

George Krokos

I choose Bangor due to the ranking of the Financial Economics course, the syllabus, and the location of the University. I grew up in the centre of Athens and thus wanted to move to a more remote and smaller town. Bangor's located in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, that coupled with the university’s student satisfaction statistics made me take the plunge and I must say I never regretted it!

Pradeep Samtani graduate of Bangor Business School

Pradeep Samtani

Graduating from Bangor University was a transformative experience for me both professionally and personally. The best thing about studying was the teaching staff who were extremely welcoming and supportive. I was very glad I chose Bangor University since I gained a lot of different experiences, learned numerous new skills, and found my future employment direction.

Alumni Richard Hughes working in a wooded area

Richard Hughes

My MBA Environmental Management gave me leverage to obtain my current role with HALO and it also provided me with some new friends, including University staff who I will keep in touch with going forward. My online communication skills significantly improved due to the nature of the online course delivery and socialising.

Tom Haynes a Bangor Business School Graduate

Tom Haynes

Thanks to the guidance and support that was given to me by my lecturers, I left with a first class honours degree and now hold the position of International CRM Executive at Castore. The course helped me understand the mechanics behind how consumers engage with products and brands and how organisations can learn to monitor those behaviours and deliver superior value back to their consumers.

Salima Behilil Bangor Business School Alumni

Salima Behilil

The nurturing nature and unwavering support I received from my lecturers in Bangor Business School during my amazing three year experience has instilled into me a level of confidence that I have since encompassed into all aspects of my life.

Mujahid Rasul Alumni of Bangor Business School

Mujahid Rasul

I selected Bangor Business School as it is ranked high in Banking and Finance studies. The school’s quality of teaching is outstanding and focuses on a curriculum which is very close to industry developments. Moreover, the location of the Bangor University is stunning that was one of the major factors that lead me to choose the University for my Postgraduate studies.

 Joshua Roberts smiling to camera dressed in a suit

Joshua Roberts

Attending Bangor University has significantly influenced my career. The reason I began to work with Real Ice is because of the network I built whilst at the university. This in-turn means that I have connected with significant figures in both politics and media. My experiences at the University allowed me to grow and gain confidence, which means that I am comfortable talking to and working with senior stakeholders, something I would only have dreamt of before attending Bangor University.

Sergio Rojo Bangor Business School Alumni

Sergio Rojo

Studying Business and finance as my undergraduate degree paved the way to providing me with a strong baseline to join reputable organisation within the financial industry. The knowledge I acquired at university has been the building blocks to some of the tools I still use today.

Bangor Business School Alumni Catrin Mather

Catrin Mather

I choose to study at Bangor Business School because the post-graduate Business and Marketing programme meant that I would graduate with a dual award of a Master of Arts and a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. This stood me in good stead to be able to progress in my career with good theoretical underpinning to support my professional studies and commercial experience.

Bogdan Pop a graduate of Bangor University Business School

Bogdan Pop

Bangor University was the foundation to my professional career. I learnt a lot about Banking and Finance and developed a discipline which was very helpful in my career. Participating in course-related activities and competitions gave me an excellent opportunity to improve my skills and differentiate myself from others when applying for jobs.

Minglin Fu holding up a globe

Minglin Fu

I had a memorable year studying in Bangor University. I’ve lived in student halls at Ffriodded village and I made so many lovely friends there. The location of this student accommodation is very convenient, close to school buildings, supermarkets and the train station. I have also enjoyed joining the activities and events organised by Campus life for all residents of University Halls.

Norra Tengcharoensuk smiling to camera

Norra Tengcharoensuk

The course itself was great and delivered by knowledgeable and caring lecturers, and the modules were set up in a way where the things you learnt were applicable to the real world. I think content plus applicability really helped bring the course to life and opened doors for me to pursue a job in the field and industry that I am interested in.

George Buckley - Bangor Business School Alumni

George now works as the Chief European and UK Economist at Nomura. He shares his memories of studying Economics at Bangor Business School and his top tips on how to get the most out of your degree.

Fatima Idris Abubakar

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