International Incorporated Masters – Investment and Banking

In the competitive world of banking, a postgraduate qualification can help you to stand out from the crowd. The Pre-Masters Stage of the IIM will broaden your knowledge of this rapidly changing field and prepare you for success with the completion of you chosen Masters degree.

The Bangor Business School is a leading European centre for research in the area of banking and financial services, and we’ve carried out consultancy work for the World Bank, the European Commission and the UK Treasury. The Business School has being ranked as one of the top 25 in the world for Banking research (RePEc, as of October 2017).

These degree programmes provide the option to follow the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) specialist pathway, the most respected and recognised professional qualification in finance in the world.

After successfully completing the Pre-Masters Stage at Bangor International College you will continue your IIM at Bangor Business School.

Investment and Banking students study:

15 months IIM (One Term Pre-Masters):

Compulsory Subjects:

Business Economics
Finance, Investment & Banking
Quantitative Methods for Business
Research Methods for Business

18 months IIM (Two Term Pre-Masters):

Compulsory Subjects:

Business English
Business Economics
English Academic Purposes 1 and 2
Finance, Investment and Banking
Management in Context
Quantitative Methods for Business
Research Methods for Business

You Will Study Some Or All Of These Modules:

Business Economics

This module introduces you to economic theories and systems and relates these to the environment within which businesses function. You will further be equipped with the critical skills to apply the concepts and principles they study in a business context, you will be taught to consider the impact of government policies and actions on businesses and to look beyond national policies to the influence of wider economic and political groupings of states.

Finance, Investment & Banking

The main aim of this module is to provide you with an introduction to corporate finance. You will examine the concepts and principles underlying key financial decisions, risk and return, the evaluation of projected capital investment and analysis of financial performance, for example. The module further offers insights into the nature of the financial instruments, financial markets and financial intermediaries, with particular focus on the banking business.

Management Accounting

This module focuses on the techniques of management accounting that are used to collect, process, and present financial and quantitative data within an organisation to aid performance management, cost control, planning and pricing and, through these, the process of managerial decision-making. You will be made aware of the major accounting concepts and of how financial statements are used to support companies in their measurement of profit and valuation of assets and in their planning for future strategic moves and developments.

Management in Context

The main aim of this module is to develop a greater understanding of some of the key activities and functions associated with establishing and managing a business. It considers the legal bases of different types of businesses and, within these, the nature and impact of different styles of management and leadership. You will be introduced to the fields of operations management and organisational behaviour within business and consider how businesses introduce and manage change.

Quantitative Methods for Business

The module covers common statistical techniques for managerial decision making which are used in many businesses. The module offers a grounding in statistics with an emphasis on practical applications and extensive use of the Excel spreadsheet and its associated functions. This enables you to make decisions about the relative importance of particular methods of collecting, collating and displaying data

Degree options

MA Banking and Finance

MSc Banking and Finance

MA Banking and Law

MBA Banking and Law

MSc Finance

MBA Finance

MA Management and Finance

MSc Management and Finance

MBA Banking and Finance

MSc Banking and Finance (Chartered Banker)

MSc Investment Management*

MSc Islamic Banking and Finance

MBA Islamic Banking and Finance

* These courses are available for September entry only.