Strategic Business Analysis Module (SBA)

By February 2018, NWBA has successfully delivered numerous SBAs across the region. This Phase One component is the NWBA’s flagship module, and will continue to run regularly throughout 2018.

The module’s ‘USP’ (unique selling point) is that it focuses on the seven key areas of business:

1)     Financial Management; 2) Sales and Marketing; 3) Managing Operations; 4) Business Communications; 5) Business Strategy; 6)   Governance and Ethics; 7) Developing People.

Feedback has demonstrated that working strategically through each theme has been incredibly beneficial for participants. A participant from Bangor University’s January 2018 cohort noted how the themes provide training on essential aspects for managing a business. Another notes how “the SBA has been great for providing the tools we can use to look at the business systematically and strategically” enabling business managers to make informed decisions to help the company grow.

Furthermore, during the SBA all participants receive one-to-one support from a Business Mentor. The mentor can offer assistance for reviewing an area of the business; to explore new opportunities; or to help develop a strategic solution.  All participants from Bangor University’s September 2017 cohort stated how they valued the support of a mentor; rating this element of the SBA as “excellent”. 75% of participants emphasised that a great benefit of group working/ mentor visits was the opportunity to sound ideas with others. Networking is a big part of the SBA; with participants learning via multiple interactive tasks.

By the end of the SBA participants have a plan – either a strategic business plan for growth, or a training needs plan for their employees – or both – and are ready to move forward to the next step of their business development strategy. 

Would you like to learn more or join us on our next module?

The next delivery of Strategic Business Analysis is April 2018. If you’re interested in joining this cohort please contact us at or call Nicola on 01248 382475

Publication date: 6 March 2018