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Phase One - Strategic Business Analysis

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Petra Opsteeg
Dru (UK)

“Attending the North Wales Business Academy gives you the opportunity to take the helicopter view – to think, plan and strategize, and come back to your business with renewed energy, deeper understanding and practical tools to support increased efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction”.

“The tutors are very knowledgeable and have a keen eye to help each participant relate this back to their own company to increase successful performance – in whatever area they work and based on their individual and company goals.  Each tutor is versatile and equipped to respond to questions from many different areas”.


Paul Williams (Datrys Cyf)

Over the past months we have been implementing the outcome of the NWBA sessions we attended. We have recently appointed a Project Co-ordinator and 2 Engineers for our Mold office. We will shortly be moving to new office in Victoria Dock also - something I had been planning for the last 15 years. The clear thinking and perspective the sessions gave have allowed us to move forward with confidence and given everyone a boost.


Lee Morley (Independent Energy Savers)

Covered some excellent points made me start putting actions in place to grow my business after day 1.
Really motivating course.  Financial Management really made me realise I need to do more.


Greg Cain & Tom Johnstone (Anglesey Outdoor Centre)

The strategic business analysis course is content rich and delivered in such a way that makes it as digestible as possible by incorporating session work, discussions and the one to one meetings.

Chris, Leslie and the team have a great deal of knowledge and anecdotal and relevant stories to keep things interesting and engaging.

The course offered us excellent value for money training, initially across a broad strategic scope then allowing us to gain more in depth mentoring, support and learning in the areas most applicable to our business needs

We’re already forming plans for positive change in our business, and we’re looking forward to the Phase 2 modules.


Kenny Mackay (Surface Medic)

As a relatively your business I found this course to be greatly beneficial to give the company a plan to help with expansion.

The course gives numerous tools to evaluate where your business is currently and how you are going to achieve your goals. 

You are able to share your ideas with like-minded business owners and managers in a relaxed but focussed environment.  The quality of the course leaders is excellent and the offer of further mentoring is invaluable.


Anonymous responses

“The tutors are very knowledgeable and have a keen eye to help each participant relate this back to their own company to increase successful performance - in whatever area they work and based on the individual company goals. I think that is a very good key focus of this course. Each tutor is versatile and equipped to respond to questions from many different areas”.

“Brilliant resource for developing planning and implementation tools, meeting and networking with other local businesses, and gaining a knowledgeable and interesting mentor to help put the course into action. Well planned, thought out, and relevant to our business”.

“The mentoring really helped to embed what I'd learnt in the course and think specifically about how it relates to my business. We discussed specific ways to bring in new business that was really helpful.

Each session during the SBA has been very informative and given me much to think about and implement into my business practice.  The topics have also helped me not just to see where I can improve but also what areas I am getting right”.

“The one-to-one mentoring visit was a hugely valuable session.  Talking over different aspects of my business with a mentor really helped me view my business from a different perspective and identify areas to focus on and develop.”


Phase Two – Managing Teams

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David Easton

Cambrian Credit Union

“The Managing Teams course has been excellent for my colleagues and myself.  We have discovered how well we work as a team. We also learnt what we, as individuals, are capable of when taken out of our comfort zones”.

“The Managing Teams course has taught me theories of leadership that I can use in my role leading a small team. I have learnt how to manage specific situations and as well as managing projects.  I recommend the course to anyone in a Leadership or Management role”.


Rhian Toghill (Cambrian Credit Union)

Thank you for providing such a brilliant course.  This has been the best course that I have attended – and I have been on many!

Chris was a fantastic tutor and very engaging.  We all had a great time and as a result, I really feel that Cambrian Credit Union will benefit long term.  I am leaving the course feeling reassured that I have been going in the right direction and now I have the means and knowledge to better myself and to contribute to the team more effectively.
I would strongly recommend this course to others.


Social Media Marketing

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Ceri Loxton (Wood Knowledge Wales)

I chose to do the Social Media Marketing course because I needed to get up to speed quickly on how improve our social media activities.  The course was accessible and it was brilliant to be taught by someone who had put the theory into practice and could give his own real life examples.

The benefits have been in having time away from work to focus on creating a targeted plan for our social media campaign going forward. It has been really helpful to exchange ideas with the tutor and other students.

The course has given me the confidence to try things out. I have used my new skills to write a social media plan, look at different platforms, create content, use photo editing platforms and be more focused in my approach.  


Richard Gallon (Cofnod)

Altogether a very useful and interesting course explaining clearly the various aspects of this topic.

I have found this very useful for improving our social media outputs.

The main things I liked about the module were:

  • Strong practical applications
  • Excellent overview of a large topic
  • Friendly tutor with excellent presentation skills
  • Interesting hearing about how others were using social media


Anni Nurminen & Louisa Lawrence (Anglesey Sea Zoo)

I found the course hugely beneficial and it has given me a new energy to promote my business needs. Would recommend to everyone!

The course has explained and delivered clearly and could be easily related to what my business needs. It highlighted areas that I need to focus on and it’s given me a very clear path for the future in social media.

A fascinating topic – tutor had both business sense and a huge amount of knowledge on the subject.

I met some fantastic people on the course and was great to network with other businesses locally.


Bethan Jarvis (Gemwaith Bethan Jarvis)

My social media was pretty grim before attending this course. This course has given in depth information and advice on the topic. Lots to learn, but looking forward to implementing what I have learnt.

Although I don’t like standing up and talking in front of a classroom, doing the work on the PowerPoint and then presenting the presentation was good to learn and remember what we have learned.
I have lots of plans, and my social media marketing is looking bright!! Diolch / thank you.


Applying Project Management in the Workplace

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Jay Buckley (Egniol Environmental Ltd)

Being fairly new to project management and being a graduate, I wanted more of an understanding about the theoretical side of project management, rather than just implementing it in the workplace.

The most critical think I take away from the course is identifying where the risks lie in a project, so setting out the work structure and planning from the beginning, seeing where we can save time or cost, or any problems that may arise before they do arise.


Owen Bracegirdle (Egniol Environmental Ltd)

I came on this course as I wanted to gain the tools and techniques for project management and making project management more efficient.

In my workplace I will use the structure of the programme, and also the technique of identifying stakeholders and shareholders and using the risk management methods. This will make projects more efficient and flow better, and subsequently make projects more profitable.


Anonymous responses

Having been involved in many IT projects I’ve had good exposure during my work-life so far. This course has provided me with a much better understanding of how a project should be managed throughout, mainly granular planning. Lesly is a fantastic tutor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her background in IT project management meant she was able to easily relate to my experiences so far. I would highly recommend the course.

The course was very comprehensive and highlighted aspects I have never been taught or thought of before.  In future I will spend more time planning projects and monitoring progress to give a better overall insight to my work instead of just ‘plodding along’.