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Student Profiles

Ahmed DhaifAhmed Dhaif

Ahmed Dhaif – MSc Management and Finance

Ahmed Dhaif, studying MSc Management and Finance, from Bahrain.

The Welsh and the people living in Bangor are just very accommodative and down to earth, making it very easy to blend in with society.

Abdulaziz AlwishiqriAbdulaziz Alwishiqri

Abdulaziz Alwishiqri – MSc in Accounting and Finance

Abdulaziz Alwishiqri (Aziz) is studying an MSc in Accounting and Finance and he is from Saudi Arabia.

There is a lot of support is given, whether it is from the university or from the International Student Support Office or from my Personal Tutor.

Moneeb Ur RehmanMoneeb Ur Rehman

Moneeb Ur Rehman – BSc Business Management

Moneeb Ur Rehman, studying BSc Business Management, from Pakistan.

International Ambassador Scheme allows an individual to engage with the new and existing students, share their experience and help them in making their University life easy.

Julius MuyombyaJulius Muyombya

Julius Muyombya – BA Business and Law

Julius is 21 and studied BA Business and Law at Bangor. After a challenging upbringing in Uganda, Julius' life changed at the age of 11, as he moved to North Wales to live.

Bangor University is located at one of best and stunning locations in the UK. Having access to a beautiful natural environment with spectacular features such as mountains, lakes and rivers.

Sandy Paola Perez-RoblesSandy Paola Perez-Robles

Sandy Paola Perez-Robles – PhD in Finance

Sandy Paola Perez-Robles is studying a PhD at Bangor Business School.

For me, Bangor is the perfect place to study, to connect yourself with nature and to open your mind by meeting people from all over the world.

Khalil AmamraKhalil Amamra

Khalil Amamra – MBA in Environmental Management

Khalil is currently studying towards an MBA in Environmental Management and is from Algeria.

Everyone in Bangor has been very supportive, welcoming and friendly from the international student support team to lecturers and tutors.

Raphael Owusu-AntwiRaphael Owusu-Antwi

Raphael Owusu-Antwi – MSc Banking and Finance (Chartered Banker)

Raphael Owusu-Antwi, a Postgraduate student studying MSc. Banking and Finance (Chartered Banker) from Ghana.

The great thing about Bangor is proximity. Everything is within a walking distance. The cost of living here is low compared to other cities and the people here are very friendly.

Bukola AdetonwaBukola Adetonwa

Bukola Adetonwa – PhD in Management Studies

Bukola is from Nigeria, she is studying a PhD in Management Studies.

The Bangor Business School is a great, supportive, multi-diverse establishment made up of very supportive lecturers who guide students through their academic journey.

Aili DongAili Dong

Aili Dong – MBA International Business

Aili Dong is studying an MBA in International Business and she's from China.

The staff at Bangor are really helpful and supportive, regardless of the issues students face. The International Office work really well, and there are always plenty of support staff and fellow students around to help everyone.