Student Profile: Le Nguyen Nhat Ngan – BSc Accounting and Finance

Le Nguyen Nhat NganLe Nguyen Nhat Ngan

From: Vietnam

Why choose Bangor?

I chose Bangor University because it has good accounting course and tuition fee is quite affordable

The most difficult thing about being an international student

I feel that the most difficult thing about being an international student is the language barrier, sometimes I just don't know how to express something in English.

The course

There are lots of things that I love about the course, so I can't pick the best one. The Teachers or lecturers here are quite approachable (This is just how I compare them to teachers in my home country, for example, my lecturers at Bangor University, whenever I have question, I can send them email and normally, I'll get the respond that day).

As well as lectures we also have tutorials which I didn't have in my home country.

The best thing about Bangor

The best thing about living in Bangor is that it's safe and everything is really handy; students don't have to spend money on transportation.

What will you miss about Bangor when you leave?

The thing I will miss if I leave Bangor is the library. The library is the best place to study, even if you get tired of studying, you can still enjoy the view from the library

Social Life

The activities I have enjoyed are the Christmas Market, trips the University held for students to travel, Global Cafe by the Christain Union... and events to improve my employability