Student Profile: Vasilisa Zakrasina – Marketing with German

Vasilisa ZakrasinaVasilisa Zakrasina

Vasilisa Zakrasina is Russian and is studying Marketing with German.

Why Bangor?

To be honest, I did not apply to Bangor on my UCAS application, in fact, I hadn't considered Bangor at all. Nevertheless, I ended up coming here, and I like to think that it was “meant to be”. Initially, I applied to five universities in Scotland, but after a while I changed my mind about the course I wanted to do, and had to withdraw my application. I did apply to some other universities in Europe, including Groningen university in Netherlands, and got accepted. I then travelled to Groningen and spend two weeks to realise that it was not the place I wanted to spend three years in. I then returned to London (returned, because I lived in London for three years) and stayed with a friend of mine, who was applying to universities through clearing process. I then realised that I could do the same, as I wanted to continue with my studies, but wasn't sure about the course I wanted to do. Bangor was among other universities on the list, and a friend of mine was studying there at the time, and told me all the great things about it. I checked the rankings, the courses Bangor offered, and read some students comments online and it seemed like the right choice for me. I got accepted right away and never hesitated. That’s why I think it was “meant to be” - it was a chain of various circumstances and decisions to make before getting to Bangor.

The International Ambassador Scheme…

As an international student, I believe I can relate to many issues international students deal with. I once moved to a foreign country when I was only seventeen, and was “independent and fearless”, or so I thought I was. I didn't think about the challenges I would face. I had a lot of support from my family and my close friends, but I wish I had a person who would tell me about certain things in the UK: how to get a NI number, or how does NHS work, or how does the study process differ from the one we have back home etc. So now, I just want to help others, even if just a little.

The course…

The main reason for choosing Bangor was the course it offers. I wanted to do Marketing or Media, and to start learning a new language. When I saw that Bangor offers various joint courses, the choice was very clear to me.

I am studying Marketing with German, and I love it. Marketing is a very broad subject that includes many things I am interested in, like Advertising and Public Relations. I am very fortunate to have had an opportunity to do a placement in Austria for a year - it helped me a lot.

I also like the lectures, especially where you are encouraged to interact with the teacher and other students - not a lot of the lecturers have this approach, but I appreciate the ones who do.

Best thing about Bangor…

It is small and everything is easily accessible within a walking distance - so you don't have to pay extra for the public transport. But also Bangor’s location - you can easily travel to the nearby towns on the weekends, and the buses cost very little.

What will you miss most about Bangor?

Weekend trips to Snowdonia and the Penrhyn castle; parties; and the waffle place on Holyhead Road.


I always got the support I needed. Whether it was a financial matter, or an extra feedback on assignments, or if I struggled with some work - everybody was very supportive and helpful in every case.

The future…

I would like to do some volunteering projects in South America or Asia, so I can contribute towards things I am passionate about, which are environmental issues and education. I believe that education should be accessible to everyone in the world, unfortunately there are many communities who don't have the same privileges as we do in the West. As for environmental issues, I like to think that even small contributions make a difference, and at the moment it’s all I can do. But in the future, I would like to be a part of a bigger project in one of the environmental NGOs.

I also would like to continue with my studies. I am considering to apply for a Masters programme in International relations or Media science.