Mindfulness One to One

A 3-Day Non-residential Workshop in London with Dr Rebecca Crane

What does the workshop entail?

This workshop will be taught experientially, with a focus on developing and reflecting on a personal mindfulness meditation practice as the basis for our relationships with others. We will explore the importance of awareness of our internal process in developing awareness of interpersonal process.
The workshop will include:

  • Experiential engagement in the core mindfulness practices that are part of MBSR/MBCT: the basis for cultivating the ability to embody mindfulness.
  • An overview of the origins and theoretical bases of mindfulness: including the theories and attitudinal foundations behind mindfulness.
  • Development of mindful ‘presence’ in relationship: experiencing and practising how mindful awareness and embodiment can enhance the relationship process and support the ability to be fully present with another. 
  • Mindfulness and self-care: how mindfulness practice can support us in dealing skilfully with interpersonal challenges.
  • Ways to build mindfulness into the process whilst engaging with clients: this course is not about learning how to teach the 8-week course to individuals, but instead exploring the various ways mindfulness skills can be used within your work with individuals.

Rebecca will integrate relevant theory and context on the use of mindfulness in one-to-one work within an experiential training process. Time will be given to guided meditation practice, interpersonal mindfulness practices, silent reflective time and to exploring together in dialogue in small and large groups as we learn through our individual and collective experience. The intention is to create an open, spacious learning environment, which will encourage and support spontaneity and creativity.

Who is the workshop for?

Those who:

  • who are interested in exploring mindfulness in the contexts of our relationships in our personal and work lives
  • work one to one, such as coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, nurses, complementary therapists, teachers, carers, community health workers, etc.,
  • have completed an 8-week MBSR, MBCT or similar course and have an on-going mindfulness practice.

NB: this course is appropriate for individuals who want to explore the relevance of mindfulness in their personal relationships whether work-related or not. If you are not sure whether this workshop is right for you, please contact us to discuss your interest and experience.

A bit more information about Rebecca:

Rebecca CraneMy root professional training is Occupational Therapy. Following this I completed a post-graduate diploma in integrative counselling. I worked for 15 years within the NHS in community mental health before taking up a role at Bangor University focusing on mindfulness. I have always been particularly interested in the relational aspect of mindfulness practice and have taken retreats with Gregory Kramer to deepen into this. In 2015 I undertook teacher training in the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program with Florence Meleo-Meyer and Phyllis Hicks. In the context of training teachers to offer MBSR and MBCT I have always emphasized the importance of the embodied relational aspect of the teaching process. This training offers a specific opportunity to investigate this dimension of the work.


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