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Optoelectronics Postgraduate Research - 2024 Entry

Course Details

  • Qualification PhD
  • Duration 2-3 years
  • Study Mode

    Full Time

  • Location


Electronic circuit board close up

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The advent of the digital era makes electronics and electronic devices more important than ever. Our world-leading experts expose our students to cutting-edge technologies and research. Our ambitions centre around employing micro and nanotechnology to exploit new materials and techniques.

Modern interior server room data center

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Our Data Science courses expose students to research-led contemporary techniques that will become the hallmark of the 21st century. Our research and other interactions with industry ensure that our courses reflect recent developments. Staff are practising professionals, who work on joint projects and act as consultants to industry.

Nanotechnology coating for glass

Explore More in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and Microfabrication involves working at an extremely small scale, ranging from individual atoms to structures measuring several micrometers. Our research areas cover all aspects of nanotechnology, including device design, fabrication and measurements. Our nanofabrication facilities situated in our semiconductor microfabrication cleanroom, together with the collective expertise of our staff in nanophotonics, nanoelectronics nanofabrication offers a unique combination of theoretic and practical training.

Wind turbines generating green energy at sea

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We have been teaching Ocean Physics for over 50 years. Our research is underpinned by the development and application of state-of-the-art numerical modelling and observational techniques. Current research aims at improving climate and weather predictions, with particular focus on the role of the tides and their evolution over Earth History.

Wind turbines and photo voltaics

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Our staff are working on all aspects of renewables research and teaching.  Our research in solar energy generation and the next generation of solar panels is leading in the field and is a theme running through all our teaching and research. Our staff are world leaders in ocean renewable energy research, have written “the” textbook on the subject, and are at the forefront of commercial and R&D developments in the sector, leading major research projects and providing leadership in many of the top conferences in the world.

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