DSP Centre attends M-Sparc's #OnTour event in London

On Tuesday 12th September, Grahame Guilford represented the DSP Centre at M-Sparc's #OnTour event at the House of Lords in London, as part of their week-long tour designed to showcase the innovation that's taking place across sectors in Wales. Tuesday's event was centred around digital technology, aiming to promote companies and projects taking place in the digital sector in Wales, and opening up potential investment opportunities. 

The morning began with a keynote from Glyn Jones, Chief Digital Officer for Welsh Government, highlighting the importance of partnership and collaboration in helping Welsh Government to achieve it's Digital Strategy.  The day then consisted of four talks and panel sessions, covering themes including AI, Cybersecurity, learning technology and connectivity. Grahame was on the panel for a session on 'A Connectivity-Enabled Economy', discussing the role of 5G and IoT in improving digital connectivity and ensuring rural areas are not left behind in the digital revolution. 

You can find our more on M-Sparc's #OnTour pages.

MSparc Digital Day.jpg

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