Arthurian Workshop

Workshop “Arthurian Media: Thinking about the Study of Medieval
Arthurian Stories in Texts, Images, and Objects'

Online on Zoom – 29th June 2022

While the study of medieval representations of the Arthurian myth in various media has increased in scholarship in the last decades, these various media remain divided between literary studies and art history, and the study of Arthurian imagery is often related to a search for textual sources. In the light of recent works by literary scholars who engage with medieval media through larger perspectives, it seems necessary to create more spaces to discuss these various issues.

'Arthurian Media' is an interdisciplinary postgraduate workshop that will aim to reflect on new ways of bringing together studies of medieval Arthurian texts in verse and prose with medieval Arthurian imagery. The workshop will
be divided into two sessions, and the aim of this workshop's format is to give the opportunity to all participants to come with their own approaches, share their thoughts and discuss their ideas together.

Each session will be organised around two short papers from postgraduate researchers, PhD students and early career researchers working in the fields of medieval Arthurian literary studies, medieval history, iconography, and any other research area concerned with the study of medieval representations of the Arthurian myth in Europe and beyond. The
workshop sessions will then open to questions for the speakers but also to a larger discussion in which every participant will be able to take part.

Proposals for the four 20-minute papers which will form the sessions should include your name, your affiliation, a valid email address, the title of your paper and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Please send your proposals before the 13th of May 2022 to the organisers at

Arthurian workshop


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