News: October 2014

Cyflogau Rhagfyr 2014/ December 2014 Salaries

Telir cyflogau Rhagfyr 2014 ar 22 Rhagfyr 2014 ac felly'r dyddiad olaf ar gyfer cyflwyno cais i’r Swyddfa Gyflogres am daliad ar y dyddiad hwn yw 5 Rhagfyr 2014  // Salaries for December 2014 will be paid on the 22nd December 2014 and therefore the last date for submission to the Payroll Office for payment on this date is the 5th December 2014.


Publication date: 27 October 2014

High Value Orders

In response to a recent Internal Audit Report, staff are reminded that the University’s Financial Regulations require evidence of three written quotations for all purchases between £5,000 and £20,000. This evidence should be attached to all electronic requisitions within Agresso prior to sending to the Senior Manager for approval.

Publication date: 3 October 2014