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Procurement Procedures

Please be advised that new Procurement Procedures (attached) will come into operation today. All staff who have procurement responsibilities must read the attached document to make themselves familiar with the revised requirements.

In summary:

·         The tendering threshold has been increased to £25,000.

·         You must consult the Corporate Procurement Team before undertaking any tendering exercises over the tendering threshold of £25,000.

·         eMarketplace suppliers (via Agresso) must be used where available.

·         Purchase orders must be raised for every purchase, unless a purchasing card is being used. 

·         Only suppliers who have been set up in Agresso are to be used. New suppliers may still be requested via a New Supplier Form, but orders cannot be placed with those suppliers until this task has been completed.

·         Waivers/dispensations to these rules will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. A Single Tender Action Justification Form requesting approval for the exemption must be completed in all cases.

Supporting documents are available on the Procurement Intranet pages.

Staff with procurement responsibilities are encouraged to attend the training sessions that are currently being arranged.

Please note that failure to abide by the new requirements may be seen to be a breach of University rules and could result in formal steps being taken. There will be an amnesty period for the first 6 months, whilst staff become accustomed to the new requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, or require assistance to comply with the new requirements, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Nicola Day

Director of Procurement

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Publication date: 1 February 2017