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Student Ambassadors


Anuj NarwalAnuj Narwal

Anuj Narwal – Biomedical Science

Anuj Narwal is a second year student. He is 19 years old and from India.

I found about the university online and was surprised by how pretty the city and the university itself was; that added with great facilities for my course was definitely enough to convince me to apply here.

Arpita GargeshArpita Gargesh

Arpita Gargesh – PhD Linguistics

Arpita Gargesh, 29, is from India, studying a PhD in Linguistics.

The most wonderful part about my course is that it allows me to follow my own path when it comes to research, albeit with excellent guidance from my supervisors.

Harshal GargHarshal Garg

Harshal Garg – Banking and Finance

Harshal is third year student and is from India.

Whenever I need support, my personal tutor, Student Services and the International Education Centre are always there to help me out in any way possible

Nebu GeorgeNebu George

Nebu George – PhD in Archaeology

Nebu George is from Mumbai, India. After having completed his undergraduate degree in Archaeology and masters in Celtic Archaeology at Bangor, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Archaeology with period ranging from prehistory to Viking age in Britain.

University life in Bangor is filled with rich experiences of the unique people from various corners of the planet who enrich your life and change your outlook towards life. Brace yourself for such a change!

Shailaja BakshiShailaja Bakshi

Shailaja Bakshi – PhD in Linguistics and English Language

Shailaja, who is from India, is currently a second year PhD student.

Linguistics is research driven and we as students are encouraged to participate in new research and come up with any new ideas. Also, our department has a very friendly atmosphere where everyone knows each other.