Bangor Contacts

Study Abroad Coordinators

School of History, Law, and Social Sciences

Ms Lois Nash

School of Arts, Culture and Language

Language degrees all subjects (outgoing students):
Carol Tully

French Language
Dr Armelle Blin-Rolland

German Language
Prof Carol Tully

Spanish Languages
Mr Ruben Chapela-Orri

Italian Languages
Dr Silvia Bergamini

Business School

Prof Owain ap Gwilym

School of Welsh

Dr Aled Llion Jones

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Cameron Gray

School of Environmental & Natural Sciences

Dr Sopan Patil

School of Ocean Sciences

Dr David Assinder

School of Health Sciences

Dr Bernard Okeah

School of Psychology & Sport Science

Dr Azlina Amir Kassim

Sport & Exercise Science
Dr Hans-Peter Kubis

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